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BitTorrent Sync Unleashes Windows Phone App, Updates Desktop, iOS and Android Versions

BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent offers a simplified way to share files on the web; it also provides PC users a great chance to sync up their home files on their mobile devices remotely. Recently, the company has revealed BitTorrent Sync v1.3, alongside the launch of Windows Phone app. The new Windows Phone version enables users to sync up all their files on their computer without having to connect to a third-party cloud service. Interestingly, the app will be able to automatically backup your…
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Google Unveils Its Google Now Cards Platform to the Desktop Chrome Browser

Google Now

Google has officially unleashed its Google Now cards platform to the Chrome stable desktop browser, that is for Mac and Windows. The company has said that starting from today, users with stable version of the Google browser can enjoy the perks of Google Now in Chrome. As aforementioned, this new feature is available for the Desktop running on Windows and Mac. You can turn on this feature by just logging in to the desktop Chrome version with the same account…
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Mozilla Brings New Australis Design and Enhanced Sync to Firefox 29 Beta

Firefox 29

Following the launch of Firefox v28 a couple of days ago, Mozilla has revamped its Firefox Beta channel to the new v29 for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Notably there wasn’t much pleasing in Firefox 28, but the latest beta version serves as a prominent step for Mozilla. It includes new customization mode, modernized Firefox Sync which is now supported by Firefox Accounts, and new Australis design. Firstly, you can sync the latest browser by creating an account across all…
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Mozilla Unleashes Firefox 28 On Android and Desktop

Firefox 28

Mozilla has officially rolled out a new version of Firefox browser for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac users. Firefox 28 includes a number of features, including Web notifications on Mac, VP9 video decoding, and the support for volume controls for HTML5 video/audio. The company has added support for VP9 video decoding on desktop and Android versions. In a nutshell, VP9 is the advanced version of VP8, the two which come under an open web media project from Google which deals…
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OneNote App for Windows Gets Support for OCR, Camera Scanning and Many


Microsoft has just launched a big update to its adorable OneNote app for Windows. The revamped app comes with a plethora of new features, enhancements have been particularly made to the app’s ability to discover, capture and display notes. Firstly, the app now supports Windows 8.1 Share Charm. When you are viewing something on your screen that you want to save it for accessing later, you can just capture that and then select the app and send it over. Simple!…
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Infinit Releases a Fast File-transfer Desktop App for Mac


A new desktop app called Infinit has been just released on Mac in public beta. This app lets users to transfer their files with haste than other existing similar solutions like Hightail and Dropbox. Just create a username and password to get started and enjoy several pretty good features. Among a load of remarkable features, there’s an extraordinary option that handles your sleeping device much well. When your laptop/PC goes to sleep or you shutdown the system, the file transfer…
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