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Digg Reader Reveals A Chrome Extension, Updates Android Version

Digg Reader

The news aggregator, Digg has unveiled a new Reader extension for Google Chrome to accompany its RSS reader. The Chrome extension associates with the Digg Reader service and provides the following interesting features: It notifies you when you have got unread items, and the number of items. Offers you the ability to add the website you are currently viewing to the Digg Reader service with just a tap. Opens the Digg Reader in a fresh tab with a click. Simultaneously,…
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Digg App is Launched On Android


Digg, the gorgeous app with a unique combination of social news and RSS reader capabilities, has hit the Android platform! The Android version works like its Web-based ancestor. Users can browse through the list of the best linked stories posted on the app’s homepage, administered by the folks behind the app. Just swipe across the screen to navigate through stories, which can be shown in the Web or parsed-text view. You can browse through top stories, sort content by popularity,…
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A Link-Sharing App, Potluck is Available for iOS Users


Another new social networking app has hit the iOS platform! Branch Media has recently unleashed an app termed Potluck, a link-sharing platform for iOS users. The app involves sharing and discussing links among a small number of buddies, a kind of Digg and Twitter services. The company Co Founder, Miller says that the app is similar to the mobile texting services or iMessage, which provides a simple and informal feel to users. Furthermore, the app is much alike the existing…
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