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Disney Launches Disney Hidden Worlds Game for iOS, Android, and Facebook

Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney has unleashed a new game called Disney Hidden Worlds on iOS, Android and Facebook. This is an hidden object adventure game that lets players to explore the lands of Disney’s familiar worlds, including Tangled, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. The main goal of the game is to complete challenging hidden object scenes in order to collect ink and gather new items to help each of the stories reach their ending. As you progress, a mysterious new villain enters…
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Disney Interactive Releases Frozen: Free Fall Game On iOS

Frozen: Free Fall

Disney Interactive has launched a new game called Frozen: Free Fall on iOS. This game brings mobile gamers to the new world of Elsa and Anna from the Disney’s forthcoming 53rd animated film, Frozen. This is an epic puzzle matching game. Similar to the widely-known Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled jewel-matcher games, Frozen: Free Fall lets you match the ice crystals of the same color to wipe out rows and finally reach a point target. You just have to slide…
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Disney Releases Where’s My Water? 2 On iOS

Where’s My Water? 2

Disney Interactive has come up with a new adventure! Where’s My Water? 2, a sequel to the most renowned physics-based puzzler by the same name, has been released on iOS platform. At its core, the new version follows the footsteps of its predecessor. The game features Swampy, Cranky, and Allie, along with Facebook support, new challenges, puzzles, power-ups and many more. Disney has brought all the 3 aforementioned characters into the same game in order to interact with each other…
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Disney Releases Where’s My Mickey? for iOS and Android Users

Where’s My Mickey?

A new game has just arrived on the iOS and Android platforms! Disney Interactive has released a latest physics based puzzle game called Where’s My Mickey? for iOS and Android users. This news specially provides great delight to those who are big fans of Mickey Mouse and Disney Interactive’s mobile games!    This is the latest staccato in the water-based physics puzzle game series. To differentiate itself from other games in the series, it brings some significant new elements to…
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