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Top 25+ Drum Apps for iOS

Drums are the instruments that carry rhythm and beat. They are loud and powerful and it takes a lot of energy to play. It’s not so easy to master this instrument, as it needs a lot of effort and skill. But now it’s not that hard to play drum. Just download these drum apps and you can play like a pro. Here are few good apps for drummers. Drum Kit This app has good interface, multi touch facility and 5…
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Top 35 Drum Apps for Windows Phone

Playing instruments like drums is never easy. You need to be a pro to understand every bit of it. You need to be sure about the technique to hold the drum sticks and hitting the right area on the drum skin or it will sound awful. Probably these were the reasons for a person to avoid learning drums, but now you don’t have to worry about it, as you can play drum on your phone. You don’t need any sticks…
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Top 25+ Drum Apps for Android

Drumming is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to play drums. There are a lot of people who always wanted to play drums, but they never got a chance to know how it is to play drums. You can now fulfill your desire to play your favorite instrument whenever and wherever you feel like. If you have a smartphone all you need to do is just download one of these apps and play…
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