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15+ Best Android Apps for Academics

Profesor 2014

The era of modern technology and contemporary innovations is on upon us all.  We live in a world where a single app can help us unlock our car lock and a single app can help us learn a new language. We are all experiencing a world where most day to day activities are run just using mobile phones and tablets. In such a scenario, it is no surprise that there are multiple apps available for people belonging to all walks…
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Top 10+ Note Taking Apps For Android

Classic Notes Lite - Notepad

Android is a popular operating system platform which is present on most of the Smartphones available in the market and sold in the world. Android is undoubtedly a winner of the Smartphone market and is a platform which is known for the apps that it offers. Android users can log on to the Google Play Store and access thousands of thousands of apps to make their Smartphone usage much more easier, very entertaining and a lot more functional. These apps…
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Top 10+ Apps for Xperia M Dual

Camera ZOOM FX Premium Android App

Sony Xperia series is one of the most popular series of mobile phones by the company and consists of some of the most wonderful, stylish looking and feature packed handsets. One of the handsets for which this series is famous is the Xperia M dual.  This is a dual SIM Smartphone which sports a 4 inch TFT display screen which is scratch resistant in nature. Some of the other specs of this phone which make it a good option for…
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Solar Walk for Android Allows You Explore Our Solar System with Impressive Visuals

Solar Walk

The folks at Vito Technology have launched Solar Walk, the app long available on iOS, on the Play Store. This is an educational app that features a fascinating 3D model of the solar system, which takes you on a dream journey through each planet and satellite of our solar system. This app enables users to navigate between planets, roam through space and time, and view all of the planets as well as satellites in close-up. Moreover, the app helps you…
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Coursera Unveils Its Online Learning Service On Android


Coursera, the acclaimed online educational technology company, has finally rolled out an Android version via Play Store. This release comes over 3 months after the company had unleashed its iOS app, its first native mobile version. The latest Android version follows the footsteps of its iOS counterpart. Both of them are designed to keep students hooked with more than 600 courses on the service, which are offered by over 100 educational institutions, on the go. Users will be able to…
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Top 50 Educational Apps for Android

Android app store consists of huge number of educational apps. These are those apps which help to provide or impart education to the users and can be used for learning, educating, training etc. The following are the top 50 educational apps for Android users that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Learn Piano Piano learning has never been so easy. This app lets you learn how to play the piano with ease. Download App TED This is one…
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Top 15 Educational Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Are you looking for best educational apps for iPhone or iPod touch? The App Store is considered as the home to half million apps and games. Fortunately, you can get most of these apps for free. Check out these best educational apps that makes your learning easy. iTunes U This app gives access to different courses from schools and universities. You can get all these courses for free which also includes assignments. iTunes U and instructors offer course materials which includes…
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Top 10 Educational Apps for iPhone

Contrary to popular beliefs, iPhones are not just about disarming styles to impress people. There is a lot of information to be had with the help of the educational apps available on the app stores for iPhone. Here are some particularly good ones. 3D Brain Downlaod App Brain know-how. Find out more about your brain with the help of this app. It tells you how the brain works, about the different regions of the brain and its functionalities and how…
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