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A New Shooter Game, Neon Shadow Appears On Android

Neon Shadow

Crescent Moon Games, the widely-known mobile game development studio, has released a new game called Neon Shadow on Android! It’s a fast-paced first person shooter game, identical to Quake 3. Your space station is crawling with dark mechanoids. Load your gun and wipe out the evil forces who have taken the control of your galaxy! The game brings the following features: Multiplayer game. Exciting old school first person shooter gameplay. Single player campaign. Features an online multiplayer death-match mode. Enjoy…
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Bioshock Infinite is Released for Mac Users

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite, the latest incarnation in the Bioshock franchise, has arrived on Mac platform. This riveting first-person shooter game was first rolled out for Consoles and PCs last march. This game is all set in Columbia. Here, players play as the ex-Pinkerton agent Booker Dewitt, just as in the prior version. Your main goal is to rescue Elizabeth, a young girl (AI-controlled character) who had been incarcerated since her childhood in Columbia. Finding Elizabeth is simple, but escaping from the…
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