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Top 10+ Fitness Apps Android


Android is the most used and the most loved operating system platform in the world. Most of the Smartphones available in the world today run on some Android version or the other.  Apart from the amazing interface and the ease of usability that Android offers, another benefit of advantage of using it is that it gives Android device users the ability to access the Google Play Store or the Android app store. This app store and its apps is what…
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Top 50 Fitness Apps for Android

Fitness apps are those kinds of apps which help a person in learning about fitness methods and also making sure that he/she follows fitness routines etc. These apps may include fitness tracking apps, fitness tips aps etc. Given below are the top 50 fitness apps for Android: Abs Workout This is an extremely useful and well-designed fitness app which comes with many methods of abs workout. Download Free Abs Workout App Relax Melodies Sleep and yoga- this is the best and…
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Fitness App Human Now Tracks Your Indoor Activities


Human, the fitness app available on iOS, has been revamped to version 2.0. This latest update includes a slew of enhancements that makes it a more efficient app. The former version of the app was only able to track outdoor runs, walks, and bike rides. But the latest version of the app tracks all sorts of exercises of 1 minute longer or more, including indoor workouts. Every 1 minute (or more)activity is added to your Daily 30, 60, or 90….
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Nike Training Club for iOS Receives a New Update

Nike Training Club

The sports company’s female fitness training app, Nike Training Club has received an update. Version 3.0 packs a slew of new features, including integration with Nike + Running to provide users the ability to track their program runs seamlessly. The latest version includes a new design, which is much simple, flatter, and cleaner, of course, inspired by iOS 7. But the most remarkable addition in the revamp is the new 30-day programs that are exclusively customized to your ability and…
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Top 8 Android Health and Fitness Apps

Do you need motivation to exercise? There are plenty of benefits by doing exercises which includes stress relief, weight loss and can reduce complex medical conditions. Just check out the best health and fitness apps for android that helps in making you healthy and fit. Backpacker GPS Trails Pro This app helps in recording hiking trails, camping adventures and backpacking trips. You can even view maps, navigate with GPS and digital compass, take pictures and back off to trailhead. Backpacker…
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Top 25+ Yoga and Fitness Apps for iPhone

The health and fitness regime needs dedication and repetition to be effective. Yoga, it is a universal beneficial regime that can be perfectly done at your home. If you have any health needs such as pains, aches, mental wellness or want to feel better then yoga is the right choice. If you are a beginner and interested in doing some workouts then install some best yoga and fitness apps on your device to have good experience. Pocket Yoga Pocket Yoga,…
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