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Chrome 31 Hits iOS Platform

Chrome 31

Following the launch of Chrome 31 for Android and Desktop users, Google has unveiled v31 of its browser on iOS, which brings pretty new features to help you save time while you are on the go. The major feature that has been added in the update is Autofill functionality. This feature allows you quickly complete your web forms by just syncing your information from your PC to your iOS-powered device. The company has announced the release of this Autofill feature…
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Chrome Extension, The Great Suspender Helps You Suspend Your Browser Tabs Without Closing Them

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is a new extension that is available in the Chrome Web Store. This is a truly noteworthy extension that helps heavy-duty users who keep multiple tabs open. If you want to temporarily freeze the tabs you are not currently working on, The Great Suspender is there to help you. Just click on the ‘Suspend this tab’ option available within the page to freeze it manually. Though you freeze some of the tabs, you are still allowed to…
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Google Introduces Copy-paste Toggle for Its Apps in Chrome

Google Chrome

Google has publicized that it has made vivid enhancements to the process of copying and pasting the content between the Gmail and Google Sheets, Slides and Docs. But this is only available for those who use Chrome. Chrome users can now copy their desired slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another, get different shapes from drawings into a slide, and can also take their preferred tables from a spreadsheet and paste them within a Gmail message. As earlier, you can…
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Google Chrome for iOS Receives an Update with Enhanced Voice Search and Faster Web Page Reloading

Google Chrome app

Now, iOS users can have much better experience with the new improved version of Google Chrome app! Google has rejuvenated its Chrome iOS app with upgraded voice search and a speedy page reloading functionality. The major feature in this update is enhanced voice search. Users can just tap on the microphone and tell their search query aloud, and view results. All this happens without a need to type even a single character into the search box! The update also adds…
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