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Groupon Goes Universal for iPad and iPhone


Groupon has rolled out a universal version of its iOS app with a beautiful overhauled interface optimized for iOS 7. Groupon v3.0 has finally brought universal version compatible with iPad and iPad mini alongside iPhone and iPod touch. Make your shopping much easier, regardless whichever iOS device you are on. But still HD version of the app remains available for iPad and iPad mini. Probably it may be pulled away from the Apple App Store as the company has launched…
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Groupon Revamps Its Breadcrumb App for iPad

BreadCrumb POS

The Chicago-based firm, Groupon launches a new version of its Breadcrumb POS app for iPad, which is aimed at helping business owners to track the preferences of their clients and to keep an eye on how their employees are working. The update brings a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that can easily identify your best customers and understands them in a better way by storing their contact info, figuring out their purchase behaviors and jot down the notes on…
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