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Top 25 Guitar Apps for Windows Phone

The top guitar apps for Windows Phone have a variety of apps starting right from the anatomy of guitars which is quite educative, to the mastering of skills through the use of the guitar apps. There are a number of virtual guitar applications that you could carry around in your phone and also toolkits that come in handy for any kind of guitarists. A range of apps that teach you different tabs, chords and scales. With the help of these…
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Top 20+ Guitar Apps for iPhone

The iTunes App Store provides a wide range of guitar related apps that are not just featured for beginners. The apps are useful for those who have never touched the instrument before and also to those who have been playing it for years together. The apps are very handy and can be your best tutors and kits on various occasions. Guitar Lessons: Rock Prodigy Rock Prodigy is an app designed for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Once you’ve installed…
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Top 5 Guitar Apps for Android

We always dream of learning an instrument, especially guitar. It’s very difficult to make time for guitar classes. When you don’t have enough patience to drive all the way to your music class or when you feel that you can’t spend money on it. Now you have a way to learn your guitar. Guitar Pro It’s one of the best guitar apps to learn the songs you always wanted to. This app helps you in understanding the chords of your…
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