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UP Coffee for iOS Helps You Track Your Caffeine Habit

UP Coffee

Are you so much afraid that you are downing more starbucks lattes? Here’s a new iOS app that helps you track your caffeine consumption. Jawbone has unveiled UP Coffee app for iOS users, which record your daily consumption of Coke, Coffee, Tea and other caffeinated beverages, and shows you health insights. The app starts by asking you questions like your gender, weight, height, your goal fall asleep each night, and sensitivity to caffeine. Once you are done with the questionnaire,…
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Calorie Manager for Windows Phone 8 Helps You Manage Your Nutritional Intake

Calorie Manager

A new app called Calorie Manager has recently been dropped on the Windows Phone 8 platform. It’s a friendly-user and straightforward app that helps users to manage their calorie intake, set daily targets and check out the nutritional facts about what they eat. The service also collaborates with Fitbit, which lets users to transfer their nutritional intake to their Fitbit account. The app’s layout includes a main page that features complete food options, a separate goals page where users will…
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Fitness App Human Now Tracks Your Indoor Activities


Human, the fitness app available on iOS, has been revamped to version 2.0. This latest update includes a slew of enhancements that makes it a more efficient app. The former version of the app was only able to track outdoor runs, walks, and bike rides. But the latest version of the app tracks all sorts of exercises of 1 minute longer or more, including indoor workouts. Every 1 minute (or more)activity is added to your Daily 30, 60, or 90….
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Pedometer++ for iOS Receives A Modernized Visual Design


Pedometer++, the app that helps you track your daily and weekly step counts, has received an update on iOS. The latest version of the app brings few new additions, including a major overhaul to the visual design. As the app’s title suggests, Pedometer++ is a unique step-tracking app that leverages the built-in M7 coprocessor on iPhone 5s. With this app, users will be able to track their step counts, without any impact on their device’s battery life. Now the latest…
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GymPact Update for iOS Brings New Pacts and Community Feed


GymPact for iOS, the app that offers an effective way for seamlessly maintaining the incentive to regularly workout at the gym to meet your healthy resolutions for the year, is now renamed as Pact with the new update. Alongside rebranding, the revamp also brings few new features to the app. As aforementioned, the app is now called as just Pact. Now the latest version doesn’t deal anymore with gym pacts to only help users stay in shape. Rather, it features…
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Misfit Wearables Launches Shine Android App


Misfit Wearables has just released its physical activity tracker app Shine on Android platform, landed a bit ahead of schedule. The app, already available on iOS, doesn’t have feature parity with its iOS counterpart, but still encourages users to sync the app with their Shine, create targets and view visual outlines of their progress. Shine is a smart physical activity monitor that can wirelessly sync with your devices, and the app couples with your Shine activity tracker, allowing you to…
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Top 8 Android Health and Fitness Apps

Do you need motivation to exercise? There are plenty of benefits by doing exercises which includes stress relief, weight loss and can reduce complex medical conditions. Just check out the best health and fitness apps for android that helps in making you healthy and fit. Backpacker GPS Trails Pro This app helps in recording hiking trails, camping adventures and backpacking trips. You can even view maps, navigate with GPS and digital compass, take pictures and back off to trailhead. Backpacker…
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