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Read Later App Instapaper Gets Redesigned; adds more features

Read Later app called Instapaper, has got a whole new look, some added features and an attractive new design!  This was a paid app on the iOS app store earlier but the good news is that it has now gone for free. Instapaper gives users unlimited access to several features for a fee. For example, by paying a certain yearly fee, you can avail the option of unlimited highlights, text to speech playlists and full text search.  Instapaper 6 has…
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Instapaper’s Chrome Extension Receives a Significant Update


Instapaper has recently revealed an update to its Chrome extension with a bunch of new features which can provide a much better experience to users. The revamp adds a new ‘Save to Instapaper’ option to the right-click menu, which allows you save a link/page. So, you can now right-click on any of the pages/links within Chrome and save them to the extension instantly. Moreover, ‘Save to Instapaper’ button will be displayed in different sites like Twitter, USV, Reddit as well…
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