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Blogging Platform Medium Releases Its First iOS App


The renowned blogging platform Medium has just unleashed its first ever iPhone app, which is a read-only content aggregator that enables users of the online platform to swiftly browse followed collections, view significant recommendations and discover new stories of interest. Contrary to its web counterpart, iPhone version is just read-only and lets users to access a wide variety of published articles by first logging in using their Twitter account, as it’s a main component of its web platform. Once you…
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Tapsbook Organizes All Your Photographs into a Beautiful Album


Tapsbook, a new photo app has arrived on iOS platform! This serves as a visual storytelling app, which automatically organizes all your photos based on their date, into a wonderful visual image album. Currently, the app only picks your photos that are stored on your device, or on Picasa, Facebook and Dropbox. The company says that they will add more services in future. Once the app picks your photos, it auto-generates visual albums based on the month they were captured….
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A New Game, Redline Rush Hits iOS Platform

Redline Rush

A new exciting game has been released for iOS users! Dogbyte Games has launched a mind-blowing racing game, Redline Rush to the iOS platform. This game combines cops evading and treasure collecting elements to absorb the players completely. This amazing combination infuses surprises, fun and anxiety into the game, making it an exciting racing game ever. This game features several different attractive sports cars for you! Select your desired car and get into the challenge. You encounter several barriers, hunting…
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Punch Quest Game Review

Punch Quest game

RocketCat Games together with Madgarden has developed the game, Punch Quest. This is an endless runner game, which includes intense combat system and focus on destroying as many evil monsters as possible unlike other runner games. This feature makes the game more of an endless puncher rather than an endless runner game. In this game, you take the control the main character who has to run endlessly through the levels punching everything from skeletons to chilli-induced hallucinations along his way…
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Murder Files Game Review

Murder Files app

Murder Files is one of the best murder mystery games available on the Apple App Store. This is an addicting game, which provides a thrilling experience to the players with gripping adventure, episodes and puzzles. In this game, you play as a powerful detective from the Blue Toad Agency, who plans to visit quaint village of little riddle for a break. But the things do not turn as you plan, you are immediately involved into a murder investigation. Your main…
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JoyBits Releases a Major Update to Its Doodle God iOS Game

Doodle God

JoyBits has launched a major update to its iOS puzzle game, Doodle God. The new update offers a slew of new features and provides much more entertainment to the players. The updated version brings a new puzzle mode to the players. This mode is almost similar to that of the main game mode, but includes a twist. In this mode, players cannot combine the items aimlessly and they have to find something that really works. Players need to make a particular…
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Disney Releases Story, a Storytelling App on iOS Platform


Disney is proud to release Story, a storytelling app for iOS users. By the name, you would think that the app is been specifically designed for kids, but it’s not. It primarily targets the parents and families and lets anyone to capture videos and photos and group them into a collage, which can be shared with others. It works as a video and photo sharing app. Once you install the app, it scans your device’s camera roll and gather your moments…
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Zynga Releases Draw Something 2 for iOS Users

draw something 2 app

Zynga recently released Draw Something 2 for iOS platform! This is a sequel to popular drawing and guessing game called Draw Something, which was introduced last year to the iOS platform. Now this latest version bears the same pictionary-style gameplay as that of its native app where a player draws for a specific word and other player has to guess that. The update adds some new ways to play; it provides more number of new drawing tools, colors, patterns and…
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Temple Run: OZ updated by including a new location

Disney, the World’s popular game developer has updated its existing Temple Run:OZ App by including a new location which comprises interesting and amazing obstacles. On receiving this update, players are now provided with an opportunity to run through the Winkie country. This newly added location is packed up with beautiful farmland, majestic canyons and wide variety of cornfields. The main task of the player is to pass through each obstacle by averting the Winkie guards. The update even includes a…
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Vonage Mobile iOS App supports free video calling

Vonage Mobile, an iOS App that lets users to make free video calls via the Wi-Fi or any 3G/4G network. While attending the video call, users can either prefer front-facing camera or rear camera, mute the call, shift to voice call. Users can avail this facility fr free of cot only if the receiver uses a Vonage Mobile App. With the App, users can calls people residing in United States, Canada and Puerto Rican and users are restricted to make…
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