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Top 10+ Women Nail Art Apps for Iphone/Android/Windows

Women Nails Fashions Ideas

Nail art is a form of art which is performed on the top of nails where different designs and patterns are made using different colors and techniques. This form of art is very popular among women and can be availed at beauty salons and nail care parlors. But to check out latest designs and themes of nail arts, one can also make use of Mobile or Tablet apps. Women nail art apps for iPhone/Android/Windows are those kinds of apps which…
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10+ Best Project Management Apps for ipad

iScope - Project Management 4 Humans

iPad is one of the most popular and most sold tablets in the world and is a device which can be used for more purposes than you can imagine. iPad can be used not only to check your mail and play games but also for complex tasks such as making reports and managing projects. Yes, these functions are made possible due to the availability of a large number of useful apps on iTunes. Among these apps, the project management apps…
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Top 10+ iPhone Apps for Filmmakers

Shot Designer

iTunes app store is the most popular app store in the world and is also one of those app stores that consist of the maximum number of apps.  iPhone users have thousands of apps to choose from the several different categories and this helps them to make their tasks, professions and businesses easier. There are several amazing apps spread over many categories such as productivity apps, entertainment apps, music apps and video apps. Infact one of the categories of apps…
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Top 10+ Call Recorder Apps For iPhone


Among all the numerous app stores in the world, the iTunes app store stands out from the rest in more than multiple ways. Not only is it the widest app store with the most number of apps in it but is also one of the most used and preferred platforms for downloading apps as well as purchasing them.  All iPhone users, iPad users and users of other Apple devices can access this app store and download the apps present on…
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Top 10+ Video Chat Apps for iPhone


The world that we live in is much more technologically advanced than it was about a decade or two ago. Earlier when mobile phones were just an idea, people living across different cities and countries used to wait for years before seeing each other but things have changed drastically now. Now even those living apart continents can see each other and talk to one another just by a click on their Smartphones. Video chatting apps and front facing cameras have…
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Top 10+ Free Game Apps for iPhone 5s


iPhone 5s is the most iconic and most popular Smartphone of the current times and is surely the most stylish one as well. This device can be seen in the hand of every other person and has proved to be a market superhit. What makes this phone stand apart from other phones of its league is the amount of functionality that it lends the users. Not only does it fulfils the basic purposes of a phone but also provides so…
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Top Apps for iPhone 5s

Apple is one of the biggest technology brand names in the market right now and one product that has made it so big is definitely the Apple iPhone. To make Apple what it is today, iOS app store has been very instrumental and made a huge contribution. Without the apps that we can download or purchase on the Apple iPhones, it wouldn’t have the same appeal or character.   Without Apple apps, iPhone would be like a garden without flowers…
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Discover, Plan and Share Your Journeys with The New Epiclist iOS App


A new iOS app named Epiclist has recently been unleashed via Apple App Store. This app provides the best way for users to discover, plan, and share their activities and travel experiences on the go. In terms of discovery, you can check out the app’s vast featured journeys list or even search based on a particular activity or destination. Here, you will also be able to communicate with the professional and devoted adventure operators, chosen as Epiclist partners. Once you…
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Outread for iOS Helps You to Speed-Read Your Articles


A new app called Outread has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store, which provides the best way for you to speed-read your articles on your iOS device. Outread works just like ReadQuick app for iOS. The major difference between Outread and ReadQuick is the highlighting marker. Outread displays a full page of text and enhances your reading speed by showing the way through the content with an elegantly moving highlighting marker. The developer behind the app explains that…
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Sunlit for iOS Allows You Create Beautiful Stories with Your Photos


Riverfold Software has rolled out a new photo-based journal app called Sunlit on iOS. The app allows you create beautiful stories that combine images, text and location check-ins. Capture your memories and share them with your friends seamlessly with this new app! Sunlit differentiates itself from most other similar apps with its integration with App.net. The app is only accessible by those who hold a App.net account. The app syncs its content with App.net using user’s private file storage. It…
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