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X-Men: Battle of the Atom Hits iOS

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Marvel Entertainment has collaborated with Aeria Mobile to release a new game app called X-Men: Battle of the Atom on iOS. It’s a free-to-play card battle game. The game was developed based on the famous comic book crossover event by the same name. Actually launched in the month of September and it’s a 10-part comic book series that involves a dynamic X-Men of the future traveling through time to force other All-new X-Men to get back to their rightful time,…
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The Much-Anticipated Game Across Age 2 Lands On iOS

Across Age 2

FDG Entertainment GmbH and Co.KG has launched the most-awaited game Across Age 2 on iOS. It’s a sequel to the popular retro action RPG game Across Age released back in 2010. The original Across Age game consists of an adorable storyline, intense action episodes, and mysterious dungeons, which offered a whole new gaming experience. While the latest iteration enhances the formula of the exciting gameplay and visual effects. The game involves a mysterious girl who appears from the future and…
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Mega Jump 2 Hits iOS Platform

Mega Jump 2

Get Set Games releases a new game app called Mega Jump 2, a sequel to the widely-liked jumping game by the same name. For the moment, the latest iteration is only available on iOS platform. The second version follows the footsteps of the original game. Players are required to help Redford (protagonist) and his forest buddies to get treasure as they jump, dodge, smash and boost their way through the game. The new game enhances upon the original one with…
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A New Game Airo Ball Hits iOS and Android

Airo Ball

Dualcarbon has released a new game called Airo Ball on both iOS and Android platforms. It’s a one-of-a-kind puzzle/strategy game. Your goal is to safely divert multiple colored balls to their accurate destinations by avoiding multiple obstacles scattered around which can destroy the ball on impact. In each level, you will have a set of balls that float up at a certain speed. You need to use your strategy skills and think quickly to avoid colliding with the hazards and…
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Bulkypix Releases Line Knight Fortix On iOS

Line Knight Fortix

Line Knight Fortix, the new game from Bulkypix, has been launched on iOS platform. It’s a unique line-drawing arcade game, which features an interesting gameplay. In this game, players take the role of Sir Fortix, the dynamic Line Knight, as he takes over territory back from the mob of the cruel sorcerer Xitrof. Battling your way across the land, you need to kill your foes, conquer cannon fire, dragons and so on. You should have perfect timing and play some…
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A New Game Castle Doombad Lands On iOS

Castle Doombad

A new game called Castle Doombad has recently been dropped on Apple App Store. It’s a reverse tower defense style game where you play the role of a bad guy who’s fending off the heroes from saving the princess from you. Play the role of an evil-doer who has kidnapped the princess. Your castle gains power with her screams and your goal is to defend your tower from an attack of hero characters that are attempting to save the princess….
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Match-Three Puzzle Game Groops Hits iOS


Torched Media has launched a new game called Groops on iOS platform. This game is a match-three type puzzle game that features a tricky matching. Rather matching elements based on a single attribute like color, shape, or anything else, this game includes varied attributes. Each level in the game features a four-by-four grid of shapes. Each shape has its own attribute, it may be a symbol, color, or something else. Each set of 3, alternatively Groops, should have shapes that…
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Match-3 Puzzle Game Farm Heroes Saga Lands On iOS and Android

Farm Heroes Saga

The folks behind the global hit game Candy Crush Saga, have unleashed another new match-3 puzzle game called Farm Heroes Saga on both iOS and Android platforms. This latest game, already available on Facebook, features a farm-themed variation of Candy Crush Saga where players need to play with ‘Cropsie’ characters. In terms of gameplay, Farm Heroes Saga is identical to Candy Crush Saga where you need to match 3 or more identical characters. But instead of vivid colored sweets, Farm…
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Reflex Game, Circle Stop Hits iOS

Circle Stop

Twenty Percent releases a new game called Circle Stop on iOS. It’s a reflex game that features an addictive, simple one-button gameplay. This game works like another game named Brutal Loop. It features a small spinner and a larger circular pattern of immense explosion of colors. The spinner goes round and round around the larger circular pattern, and players need to tap anywhere on the screen to stop it. You will gain points based on the color at which the…
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A New Game The Haunted Mansion Lands On iOS

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, a new strategy game from Playtouch has hit the iOS platform. Dive into horror in the spooky mansion and defend a young man chased by a mob of zombies. A young man is locked up in a haunted mansion, and a horde of zombies are rushing towards him through the floors. Zombies are destroying the rotten wood floor and severely trying to get him. As a player, you need to block the floor with crates to avoid…
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