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Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Hits iOS

Toy Defense 3

The casual games developer Melesta has released Toy Defense 3: Fantasy, latest iteration in the Toy Defense game series. This game comes in 2 flavors: Toy Defense 3: Fantasy for iPhone and Toy Defense 3: Fantasy HD for iPad. This game takes the players to 10th century, and encourages them to recruit an army of medieval characters to battle against an evil threat, applying a tower defense mode of gameplay. Smartly defend your castle and show your bravery to drive…
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A New Game Snoopy’s Candy Town Lands On iOS

Snoopy’s Candy Town

Beeline Interactive has teamed up with Peanuts Worldwide to roll out a new game called Snoopy’s Candy Town on iOS. It’s a fast-paced candy-making and simulation game starring Snoopy, the protagonist, his sister Belle, Woodstock and the gang. This game was developed based on Charles M. Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. Snoopy’s father has left Snoopy a candy factory in order to help him in raising enough funds to become the Class President, but this hound has no idea on how to…
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Iron Man 3 Gets A New Holiday-Themed Update

Iron Man 3

Gameloft’s official Iron Man 3 game has been spruced up with a major holiday-themed update on both iOS and Android. This time, the update has brought a delightful holiday-themed revamp to iOS and Android versions as it transforms the game’s green Woodland’s location into a chilled wonderland of sorts. There you can enjoy joining the dynamic Iron Man as he battles against global terrorist forces. The latest version of the app for iOS and Android has received the following interesting…
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ZeptoLab Launches Cut the Rope 2 On iOS

Cut the Rope 2

The charming green Om Nom is back with another new adventure! ZeptoLab has just released the sequel to its widely-liked Cut the Rope physics-based puzzle game on iOS, and an Android version is set to roll out early next year. Cut the Rope 2 follows the footsteps of the original game. As before, the objective of the game is to feed a large candy to the hero, Om Nom, simultaneously collecting the stars along the way. Though the gameplay is…
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Halbrick Releases Colossatron: Massive World Threat On iOS

Colossatron: Massive World Threat

Halfbrick Studios, creator of acclaimed mobile game apps has just unleashed a new game called Colossatron: Massive World Threat on iOS. This is an exhilarating, action-packed game with an addictive gameplay. Similar to most action/adventure games, this game doesn’t put you in a battle field to destroy the monster. Rather, you take the role of a monster in this game. Play as a giant robot snake and destroy everything along your way to overcome General Moustache and his dynamic military…
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Square Enix Releases Tomb Raider I On iOS

Tomb Raider I

Popular video game developer Square Enix has just launched Tomb Raider I on iOS. This is an action-adventure game, developed based on the original Tomb Raider that was unleashed in the year 1996 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and MS-DOS. The game includes a dynamic archaeologist, Lara Croft who has been appointed to restore the ancient artifact (Scion) pieces. Join Lara in her adventure as she jumps, climbs, swims and rush her way to the truth of its origin and powers….
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Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King Hits iOS Platform

Island of the Lizard King

Tin Man Games has just unleashed their 4th Fighting Fantasy digital gamebook app named Island of the Lizard King on iOS, following a launch on Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android. A powerful and cruel titular monarch called Lizard King kidnaps the young men of Oyster Bay who face a horrid future of starvation, slavery and a continual death. The monarch rules his land of mutants by strange powers of black magic. Are you ready to take up…
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Gun Zombie 2 Hits The US Apple App Store

Gun Zombie 2

Glue Games has recently released Gun Zombie 2 game in the US Apple App Store. The app, already available on the Canadian App Store for a couple of months, is a fantastic first-person zombie shooter game that offers an intense shooting experience to users. In the app’s release notes, the company explains that after an explosion rocks a city, zombies started to appear and horrified the human race. It’s now your turn to wipe out all of the zombies and…
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Halfbrick Releases Band Stars Game On iOS

Band Stars

Halfbrick has integrated with Six Foot Kid to officially release the game Band Stars on iOS. It’s been available on Google+ and Chrome for a year. This game encourages players to form a band, train up the team members and complete different challenging tasks. Head your way to the top of local, national, and global charts! This game is seems to be similar to Farmville. You will progress through different levels and earn points. The game includes the following features:…
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Rayman Fiesta Run Game Review

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run is an extension to the most popular auto-runner game,Rayman Jungle Run. This new iteration has been developed based on the successful formula and elegant graphics of its predecessor, but brings few new things to keep the game fresh. The plot seems to be same as that of the console title Rayman Legends. Here, you need to rescue Teensies this time. Firstly, you start off a level with Rayman who runs automatically. You duck, jump around and avoid…
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