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Monsters Rising Game Review

Monsters Rising

Monsters Rising from Nine Tail Studios is a new 3D action-strategy game where players need to take the control of monsters to complete missions and battle against humans and other wicked monsters. In this game, you take the control of a faction of mythological monsters from China, and begin your assault. You need to battle against the cops who are after you while gathering shards of the fallen meteorite. Unlike other similar games, you will have unique objectives for each…
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Monsters Inc. Run Game Review

Monsters Inc. Run

Creating movie tie-in games has become a trend these days, it appears to be one of the ways to success in the mobile game development. Monsters Inc. Run from Disney is one among such games that is available for iOS and Android users. Monsters Inc. Run is an exciting epic adventure game associated with jumping and running with some of the corresponding movie’s characters. The game features the storyline of the original movie, in which Boo is kidnapped by the…
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Dream House Days Game Review

Dream House Days

Dream House Days is the latest delightful management simulation game from Kairosoft. This game puts you in charge of an opulence apartment complex. This may not sound that exciting, but Kairosoft tends to get more fun out of the most prosaic premises. As aforementioned, you play as an in-charge of an apartment complex with 4 units and one tenant, initially. Your goal is to manage the complex’s finance, furnishing, developing individual apartments, and magnetize new tenants, collect rent and rule…
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Greedy Dwarf Game Review

Greedy Dwarf

Greedy Dwarf is a new game from Crescent Moon Games! This is an action/arcade game that is like an endless runner, but it actually ends! In this game, you need to control a greedy dwarf who wants to grab some freaking gold. Hop in your speedy mine cart and roll through exciting underground tunnels filled with abundant treasure, and few rocket powerups. This is not that simple, you will have dangerous hazards all along your way, like lava pits, jump…
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Layton Brothers Mystery Room Game Review

Mystery Room

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a new attraction from Level-5 Inc. This is an exciting mystery game that takes you through a series of murder cases to unfold. This is a great game, which focuses on 2 main personalities: Inspector Alfiendi Layton and his assistant, Lucky Baker. They both are involved in solving different confusing and tough crimes. The game is all set in the Scotland Yard. Both the inspector and his assistant will encounter plenty of unique and amusing…
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Flip Runner! Game Review

Flip Runner!

Here is another new endless runner game for you! Deadly Serious Media in collaboration with the Oscar Developer has released Flip Runner, a fast-paced runner game on the iOS and Android platforms few days back. This game consists of a part side-scroller and a part endless runner platformers. Unlike most similar games, Flip, the game’s protagonist can run on the top and the bottom of the ground to avoid the dangers ahead. It’s a simple twist that adds fun to…
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Sparkle 2 Game Review

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 is a wonderful marble popping action puzzle game, a sequel to a popular game called Sparkle. Though there are a lot marble shooter games in the app world, this game differentiates itself from other similar games with multifaceted gameplay and gorgeous graphics. Sparkle 2 gameplay is similar to its former version, players need to match 3 similar colored balls and clear all the balls before they reach exit. In this game, a snake like loop with multicolored orbs…
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Starship Battles Game Review

Starship Battles game app

Starship battles is a wonderful arcade-style shooter game with smooth gameplay and great look. This game sets you in charge of an onslaught ship, which has to see countless enemy invaders. In this game, player’s main objective is to survive an endless attack of alien spaceships and space litter as long as possible. Here, players need to control a starship which can only be swiped through space. As you progress, the enemy waves become larger and deadlier, so upgrading your…
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Punch Quest Game Review

Punch Quest game

RocketCat Games together with Madgarden has developed the game, Punch Quest. This is an endless runner game, which includes intense combat system and focus on destroying as many evil monsters as possible unlike other runner games. This feature makes the game more of an endless puncher rather than an endless runner game. In this game, you take the control the main character who has to run endlessly through the levels punching everything from skeletons to chilli-induced hallucinations along his way…
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