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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Lands On iOS

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A great news for GTA fans! Rockstar has unleashed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the latest franchise of the successful game series on iOS. The app is downloadable for $6.99 and will also be launched on Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms soon. This is an awe-inspiring open-world game that’s set in 3 major cities: San Fierro, Las Venturas, Los Santos. The game has been completely redesigned with enhanced visuals. Moreover, the color and lightning palette has also been enhanced….
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Run As Santa Claus in Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Have more fun this holiday season with the popular endless runner game Temple Run 2! Imangi Studios has just revealed a new holiday-themed festive revamp to the game on both iOS and Android. Now the latest version allows players to run as Santa, whom you can unlock with 60 gems. If you do not have enough gems in your arsenal, you can buy them for $6.99 through in-app purchases. The app also brings amazing Santa hats for your runners, which…
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EA Launches Heroes of Dragon Age On iOS and Android

Heroes of Dragon Age

The renowned game development studio Electronic Arts has finally unleashed the much-awaited Heroes of Dragon Age game on both iOS and Android platforms. This is an interesting strategy combat game that encourages players to collect powerful characters from the Dragon age franchise and engage them in battle against epic rivals in addition to other players. In this game, players need to earn/purchase 100s of unique characters, including heroes and villains, each with varied stats and then build a perfect team…
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Angry Birds Seasons Arctic Eggspedition Revamp for iOS and Android Includes New Levels

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons, the most popular Angry Birds franchise, has received a notable update on both iOS and Android platforms. Now the app takes you through a new Arctic Eggspedition that’s packed with 25 fun-filled yet challenging levels and 4 bonus levels. The things get more interesting as you shot the birds through icy waters! Indeed, the new 25 levels have been make up app’s advent calendar, each level correlates with one day before Christmas. In addition, the update also…
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Stickman Soccer Hits iOS Platform

Stickman Soccer

A new game called Stickman Soccer has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. This game offers you a complete soccer fun with a fast-paced gameplay. Select 1 of 32 soccer teams and play multiple seasons in amazing stadiums or in awe-inspiring street soccer style matches. You can even choose to control your team with manual running and shoot timing or take the advantage of automatic running mode, in which you will have the control over the specific pass…
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Papa Pear Saga Hits iOS and Android Platforms

Papa Pear Saga

The folks behind the well-liked match-3 puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, have unleashed a new game called Papa Pear Saga on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a casual free-to-play game, which revolves around dropping fruits and vegetables into the barrels below. As aforementioned, the game challenges you to fire ‘Papa Pear’ shots to fruits and vegetables, and drop them into the barrels, while overcoming a maze of obstacles. You need to hit as many objects as you can…
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Disney Interactive Releases Frozen: Free Fall Game On iOS

Frozen: Free Fall

Disney Interactive has launched a new game called Frozen: Free Fall on iOS. This game brings mobile gamers to the new world of Elsa and Anna from the Disney’s forthcoming 53rd animated film, Frozen. This is an epic puzzle matching game. Similar to the widely-known Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled jewel-matcher games, Frozen: Free Fall lets you match the ice crystals of the same color to wipe out rows and finally reach a point target. You just have to slide…
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Monsters Rising Game Review

Monsters Rising

Monsters Rising from Nine Tail Studios is a new 3D action-strategy game where players need to take the control of monsters to complete missions and battle against humans and other wicked monsters. In this game, you take the control of a faction of mythological monsters from China, and begin your assault. You need to battle against the cops who are after you while gathering shards of the fallen meteorite. Unlike other similar games, you will have unique objectives for each…
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Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War Hits iOS Platform

Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War

Mobage Gaming Platform together with Wizards of the Coast has launched a new game called D & D: Arena of War on iOS! It’s an exciting 3D role-playing game that encourages players to battle against evil monsters. The game takes place during the historic event, The Sundering, which threatens an equilibrium of power between the gods of good and wicked. As a player, you need to battle against evil forces and help setting the balance of power before the event…
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A New Game, Snailboy Hits iOS Platform


Snailboy is a new physics-based puzzler from Thoopid. This game takes you to an exciting magical world in order to help a saucy garden mollusc, Snailboy on his quest to find stolen shells. Take the role of the Snailboy who is in search for his stolen shell pack and get into the big world to set out on a journey of epic proportions. Slide, sling, slap and stick to overcome the obstacles and collect smileys all along your way, which…
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