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Groupon Revamps Its Breadcrumb App for iPad

BreadCrumb POS

The Chicago-based firm, Groupon launches a new version of its Breadcrumb POS app for iPad, which is aimed at helping business owners to track the preferences of their clients and to keep an eye on how their employees are working. The update brings a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that can easily identify your best customers and understands them in a better way by storing their contact info, figuring out their purchase behaviors and jot down the notes on…
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Disney Infinity: Toy Box Companion App is Launched for iPad Users

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Disney has come up with a new application named Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad users! It serves as a great companion app to the latest Disney Infinity console game. The app encourages users to create their own new worlds with over 50 free items for their miscellaneous characters to explore. The items include decorations, terrain, and track pieces. Initially, you are allowed to access Mr. Incredible character for free of charge. Whereas, you can add more characters to the…
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VLC for iOS Receives a Major Update

VLC for iOS

VideoLAN launches a major update for its free VLC for iOS app. The latest version includes a bunch of noteworthy features and enhancements. Now the updated version supports audio-only playback functionality. Moreover, the app supports finding and streaming content over UPNP devices, and also offers the facility to find, download and stream content with FTP server. Other interesting features in the update: Added subtitle options for non-western languages. Added Bonjour announcements for the WiFi uploaders website. Included Deinterlacing option (turned…
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Mr. Reader Update for iPad Brings New RSS Sync Services

Mr. Reader

The widely-known RSS News Reader for iPad, Mr. Reader has received an update with an array of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Now Mr. Reader 2.1 brings additional RSS sync services, namely Subreader and InoReader. The app also adds a video collecting service to ToWatchList. Additionally, the Google Reader sign in with capable of being modified API endpoint can be facilitated by a URL scheme. The update also brings the following changes: Improved theme management: You will have a…
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RunBot Game Review


RunBot is a riveting endless-runner game from Bravo Game Studios. This game delights those who love to play a good arcade challenge. In this game you play as the protagonist, the artificially intelligent robot who has managed to go against its protocol and run for freedom. It’s not that easy. You will have countless obstacles on your way. Using simple gesture controls, you need to dodge obstacles and enemies. Just swipe up to jump over barriers, and swipe down to…
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Top Call Recording Apps for iPhone and iPad

Recording phone calls is not an in-built feature in your device but with advancements in technology, you can now record incoming and outgoing calls perfectly by installing some innovative applications. Call Log Pro Call Log Pro, it is the best call recording app developed for iPhone that records all your phone calls in an easy manner. You can get free time of 2 minutes to test the call recording features on incoming and outgoing calls. It is considered as a…
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Top Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad

  No matter, where you are across the world either it may be snowing, raining, cloudy, sunny, clear or dry. Everyone live on earth, weather is something we all have common and changes from place to place. You can find wide range of best weather applications for your smartphones that permits to forecast your week and alter your activities. The top handy weather applications are presented below. The Weather Channel The perfect weather app to track current weather conditions is…
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CBS Sports for iOS Gets Support for iPad

CBS Sports

The spectacular one-stop sports app, CBS Sports for iOS has been modernized with full support for iPad, allowing iPad users to access all of the live content that the application formerly only offered to iPhone users. The new version does not just bring a native design compatible with the larger-screened iPad, but it will also let you access live video. In addition to the on-demand content from CBS, the app also features live streams for a wide range of sporting…
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Facebook for iOS Now Allows You to Make Restaurant Reservations from Pages


Facebook has updated its native iOS app to version 6.4. The update is packed with a slew of new features and improvements. Firstly, Facebook app has got support for hashtags. Users can now search for hashtags and directly click on them when they view them in posts. You can also discover what others are discussing about a topic within the app. Furthermore, Facebook has integrated with OpenTable to allow users to make restaurant reservations right away from Pages. For this,…
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Square for iOS Brings the Ability to Record & Track All Payments


Square has just rolled out an update to its iOS app with new noteworthy features for all of Apple’s mobile devices and also added some iPad-specific enhancements. Now the app allows users to record as well as track ‘all sorts of payments,’ along with gift cards and checks. This feature is available for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users. Square has brought 2 new features specific to iPad. iPad users can now access cash management, allowing them to integrate their…
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