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10+ Best Project Management Apps for ipad

iScope - Project Management 4 Humans

iPad is one of the most popular and most sold tablets in the world and is a device which can be used for more purposes than you can imagine. iPad can be used not only to check your mail and play games but also for complex tasks such as making reports and managing projects. Yes, these functions are made possible due to the availability of a large number of useful apps on iTunes. Among these apps, the project management apps…
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A New App Multitrack Studio Released Exclusively for iPad Users

Multitrack Studio

Giel Bremmers has launched a new iPad app called Multitrack Studio. It’s a fully featured iPad app, which lets users to build, edit and share audio as well as MIDI tracks while on the go right from their device. Features are a lot and it’s downloadable for $17.99, price is high, as well. The creator behind the app explains that the app serves as a simple yet effective audio and MIDI multitrack recording service. It features varied high-quality audio effects,…
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Smarter Sketching App for iPad, Concepts Gets Stylus Support


The brilliant sketching app for iPad, Concepts has been updated to version 2.2. This latest version brings support for pressure-sensitive stylus, zoomable grids, and few other additions. First up, the update brings the most-awaited pressure-sensitive stylus support. In specific, the revamp adds support for Pogo Connect, Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus as well as Adonit Jot series. It’s a definitely great addition for dedicated Concepts users. The app has also received support for Multiple (Movable) Images. You can now create amazing…
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Mr. Reader for iOS Brings a New Design Optimized for iOS 7

Mr. Reader

The renowned RSS News app for iPad, Mr. Reader has been revamped to version 3.0, which brings a brand-new interface for iOS 7, support for 64-bit A7 processor powered devices, Reading List and many more. Firstly, the app has been optimized for Apple’s latest OS. Things are now a bit flatter and clearer. Alongside the refreshed interface, the update also features a new icon and support for 64-bit A7 processor powered iOS devices. The app now supports automatic background sync….
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Readdle Releases PDF Expert 5 On iOS

PDF Expert 5

Readdle has unleashed a new version of its PDF and file management app for iPad on the Apple App Store. Version 5 packs a new iOS 7-inspired design, besides several new features which will enhance file management. The latest version sports a new flat and clean design that’s in line with iOS 7 interface. The company says that the app now looks perfect on iPad. Alongside new interface, the update also brings an all-new file manager: Drag and Drop Files…
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Recipe Management App, Paprika for iPad and iPhone Receives iOS 7 Overhaul


Hindsight Labs releases a major update to its recipe management app, Paprika for both iPad and iPhone editions. Firstly, the app has been completely optimized for the Apple’s latest OS. Alternatively, the app has been refreshed based on the visual style of iOS 7. And also, it has been enhanced with fixes for a plenty of database issues related to iOS 7. The app’s Cloud sync feature has also been revamped and optimized to sync more handily and frequently. Now…
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Sling Revamps Its TV-Streaming App for iOS and Android


The boundary between the live TV and Set-top streaming has just got blurred even more as Sling Media has launched a major update to its SlingPlayer app for iOS and Android. Firstly, SlingPlayer for iPad now serves as a second-screen app that turns your device into first screen. The app also brings a new user interface that centers heavily on content discovery. In addition to these, the update brings the following features to US and Canada users: Now program discovery…
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Top 11 iPad Apps for Writers

  Most of the people are comfortable with typing faster on touchscreens, extended writing sessions on iPad have become more viable. For now, writing app developers have made vital improvements to their offerings. The large screen of iPad is an incredible canvas for penning great American novel. There are tons of apps that help in typing faster, sync over cloud and also assist you to keep up to date on publishing industry. Writer’s Studio Writer’s Studio, it is a fully…
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Top 10 Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad

  Blog on the go with these best blogging apps for your iPhone and iPad. Now, you can write blog posts from anywhere – whether you are in USA, UK, Canada or even 30,000 feet in air on Wi-Fi ready plane and can keep all the loyal blog readers engaged from your mobile. Blogsy Blogsy, it is the best blogging app for all the iPad users that allows you to manage blogs from their iOS devices. The app supports multiple…
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Groupon Revamps Its Breadcrumb App for iPad

BreadCrumb POS

The Chicago-based firm, Groupon launches a new version of its Breadcrumb POS app for iPad, which is aimed at helping business owners to track the preferences of their clients and to keep an eye on how their employees are working. The update brings a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that can easily identify your best customers and understands them in a better way by storing their contact info, figuring out their purchase behaviors and jot down the notes on…
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