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Concepts Sketching App for iPad Receives a Major Update


The precision sketching app for iPad, Concepts has been updated to the version 1.6. The update includes Copic colors and several other major enhancements. The company has collaborated with Copic marker brand to add an assortment of 358 hand-picked colors, for absolutely free! The update also brings new favorite and history sections, a color recommendation tool, and custom colors. You can just tap on your desired color and hold on it to add it to your favorites. Now, you can…
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A New Game, Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at War is Available for iPad Users

Ballad of Solar

The popular game developer, Alawar Entertainment, has just launched a new game called Ballad of Solar for iPad users. This is a kind of tower offense epic game with an immerse gameplay. This game involves a Lumiland which is under the Dark Sorcerer’s evil forces. Here the player’s goal is to battle against them and save the land from the deadly evil forces. Choose a powerful hero from 3 mighty heroes to start off your game. Then get into the…
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DrawQuest for iPad Receives an Update with Web Profiles and Explore Section


The enthralling drawing app, DrawQuest for iPad has been updated to the version 2.0. The update is packed with plenty of new features. If you are not familiar with the app, here’s the app working: It presents daily drawing challenges, which features a simple prompt and a template to start off your drawing. The challenges, known as quests, encourage players to creatively think and draw along with lots of entertainment. With this new update, the app receives more new features,…
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Flowboard for iPad Now Allows Users to Add PDFs and YouTube Videos into Their Presentations


The amazing storytelling and presentation app for iOS, Flowboard has been moved to the new version 1.2. This version brings the ability to add PDFs and YouTube videos into presentations. The previous version was only allowing users to create touch-enabled stories. But this new version now allow users to even add PDFs and YouTube videos (not available offline) into their presentations. Additionally, the app also provides a new video compression feature. The updated version also provides you the ability to…
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Hulu Redesigns Its iPad App with a New Look


Hulu has just updated its native Hulu Plus iPad app to the version 3.0. The updated version offers a new User Interface design and plenty of tweaks to the users. Hulu says that the update provides a completely new experience to the Apple tablet users, focusing on the performance and discoverability. The company says “additional to several internal optimizations, this app has been revamped to make browsing experience more enjoyable than before and helps users to find new and interesting…
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Frozen Synapse Game Review

Frozen Synapse app

Frozen Synapse is the most popular tactical strategy game developed by Mode 7 Games. This game has been available for the PC since 2011. Now it has recently been released on iPad with a wonderful tablet conversion. In this game, you will play as a tactician. Your main goal here is to lead your crew of soldiers all the time. You can order them to move behind cover, shoot a weapon at the foes and many other options. This game…
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