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Top 10+ iPhone Apps for Filmmakers

Shot Designer

iTunes app store is the most popular app store in the world and is also one of those app stores that consist of the maximum number of apps.  iPhone users have thousands of apps to choose from the several different categories and this helps them to make their tasks, professions and businesses easier. There are several amazing apps spread over many categories such as productivity apps, entertainment apps, music apps and video apps. Infact one of the categories of apps…
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10+ Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

WebMD Pregnancy

iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular and commonly owned Smartphone in the world and is a device which has changed the way the world communicates. Some of the reasons for the popularity of this phone are its amazing looks, its screen quality, camera, processor and ofcourse the app store which comes inbuilt with it. This app store makes the device much more functional and productive for users and this is due to the number of apps that can be downloaded…
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10+ Best Dating Apps For iPhone

Badoo - Meet New People, Chat, Socialize

Smartphones apps are those kinds of applications which when downloaded on a device; help it to become more functional and useful. Depending upon the nature and purpose of the app, apps are divided into several categories and subcategories on the app stores of different platforms. For example all apps which are games are put into gaming apps whereas those which offer music and movies are put into entertainment apps and so on. iTunes, which is the official app store for…
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Top 10+ Video Chat Apps for iPhone


The world that we live in is much more technologically advanced than it was about a decade or two ago. Earlier when mobile phones were just an idea, people living across different cities and countries used to wait for years before seeing each other but things have changed drastically now. Now even those living apart continents can see each other and talk to one another just by a click on their Smartphones. Video chatting apps and front facing cameras have…
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Top Radio Apps for iPhone


Gone are the days when people carried radios to enjoy music or kept radio systems at home to listen to sporting event commentaries. But in this day and age of modern technology, nobody needs to carry separate radios to listen to programmes or enjoy songs, thanks to radio apps that can be downloaded on mobile phones or tablets. For example, if you own an iPhone, then you are offered with hundreds of especially designed radio apps from across the world….
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Top Apps for iPhone 5s

Apple is one of the biggest technology brand names in the market right now and one product that has made it so big is definitely the Apple iPhone. To make Apple what it is today, iOS app store has been very instrumental and made a huge contribution. Without the apps that we can download or purchase on the Apple iPhones, it wouldn’t have the same appeal or character.   Without Apple apps, iPhone would be like a garden without flowers…
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Personal Finance App Clara for iPhone Helps You Manage Your Money Better


A new app called Clara has recently been unleashed on iOS platform. This is a user-friendly app that can help users to seamlessly manage their money better. Clara is a smart personal finance app that has been developed with suppleness and ease in mind. Firstly, the app provides you the ability to smoothly add records of your salary and expenses as well as classify them by different categories and hashtags. It then enables you to analyze where your income is…
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Launch Center Pro Lands On iPad, Updates iPhone Version

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro, the handy iPhone app that provides the best way to instantly launch actions within apps, has headed its way to iPad. Alongside the launch of iPad version, iPhone edition has also been revamped with a handful of new features and enhancements. Unlike standard app launcher, this Launch Center Pro app provides you the ability to launch certain in-app actions. For instance, you will be able to send a tweet, text message, instantly post to Facebook, create an…
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Skype for iOS Receives an Update with Improved Sign-In Screen


Microsoft has launched a significant revamp to its Skype app for iPhone and iPad with a faster startup time and an overhauled sign-in screen that makes it much easier to sign in with your Microsoft account or Skype ID. The latest version 4.15 offers you a better experience on Skype. Here’s the complete changelog of the updated version of Skype for iOS: A completely modernized sign-in screen that offers you easier way of signing in with a Microsoft account/Skype ID….
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