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Top 6 iPhone Data Usage Tracking Apps

  In the smart phone data caps age, none of them will be careful when data usage monitoring is considered. You can accomplish this task by installing some best data usage tracking apps that are highly recommended for all the iPhone users. Data Usage Data Usage, this app was developed by Sigterm. Typically, it is a data monitoring app that perfectly monitors data usage per month and the remaining quota if you are on capped plan. The app posts an…
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JoyBits Releases a Major Update to Its Doodle God iOS Game

Doodle God

JoyBits has launched a major update to its iOS puzzle game, Doodle God. The new update offers a slew of new features and provides much more entertainment to the players. The updated version brings a new puzzle mode to the players. This mode is almost similar to that of the main game mode, but includes a twist. In this mode, players cannot combine the items aimlessly and they have to find something that really works. Players need to make a particular…
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Capture Perfect photos with Smile detector

Smiledetector, a fun camera App for iOS users that allows you to capture photos of your family and friends in a quick and simple way. It’s a simple and easy to use App , when you launch the for first time, the smiledetector will be capture mode, ready to capture the images of perfect smiles. Users can simply toggle between the front and rear camera by tapping on any portion of the screen  The App provides a photo gallery options…
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Getaround – a new iPhone App to simplify the process of finding cars

Getaround Inc, a new car rental company that enables all the car owners to rent their cars. The company has released a new App with an idea to help the customers in renting their cars and aid those individuals without cars to access these cars. The App allows its users to perform search and access cars in nearby locations without signing into the App. Users can easily sign up with the App by just clicking on the Facebook Connect login….
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Adobe PhotoShop Touch App is now available for iPhone devices

Adobe photoshop Touch, a well known photo editing tool is now compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch devices. The App comprises of different tools that include layers, section tools, adjustments, photo filter and this latest App for iPhone devices even supports images of 12 mega pixels. A unique feature, scribble selection tool is introduced in the latest version of the App and this feature allows the users to join images quickly by just scribbling. It even includes a new feature…
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BBC iPlayer App for iOS devices gets updated.

After receiving a update three months back, the British Broadcaster has come up with another update for its iOS version of the BBC iPlayer. The updated version of the App lets the users to push iPlayer to the background and view their favourite programmes on TV using the AirPlay. In addition this, BBC says that it has enhanced the playback quality of video and fixed other few minor bugs from the previous version of the App. The App has reintroduced…
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