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Automatic Journaling App Heyday Hits iOS Platform


Journaling apps are always great to record your sweet memories, but the fact is that most people give up manually feeding entries. Heyday, the recently launched iOS app, eliminates that problem and automatically creates your journal for you. Heyday is something similar to the Rover, which also work smartly and automatically logs the location data. Once you launch the app, it automatically brings all your videos, images and locations together by day. Pictures are shown in grid layouts, and you…
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A Journaling App, Narrato Journal is Available On iOS Platform

Narrato Journal

The London-based company, Narrato has released a new journaling application called Narrato Journal for iOS users. This app makes it much easier to store all your stuff at a place. It is a good option for those who are really looking for a journaling app.   This app is a combination of a journal, blog and a scrapbook. You can easily record your ideas, life events, activities and so on that you would like to remember and all the updated…
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