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eBook Reader, Readmill is Now Available for Android Users


The ebook reader app, Readmill has been on iOS for sometime, has now arrived on Android platform! The app was tailored to provide users with the ability to enjoy reading as well as sharing of ebooks. Android version offers the same experience as that of the iOS version. It simplifies the way you find, read and share your ebooks. The app is also capable of storing your entire library, in addition to syncing it across devices. Most importantly, the app…
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Video App, Mixbit Hits Android Platform


Mixbit, the video app from the co-founders of YouTube, has arrived on Android platform. The app, already available on iOS, allows users to create 16-sec videos and share them with their dear ones. The app is not like Instagram and Vine, users are allowed to add and remix video clips created by others, and create a video collage of up to 1 hour in length. Users can also drag & drop certain segments, or cut and delete clips using the…
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Circa Releases Its News Reader App On Android, Redesigns Its iOS Version


Circa, one of the renowned mobile news reader apps for iOS, has landed on the Android platform! Circa offers the best way to read and follow the news on the move. Circa, that’s been available for Apple devices for a year, includes in-house team of editors to make each atomized story (news) much simpler and faster to read. It covers stories from the day’s Top Stories, Technology News, US, US Politics and World. Now the recently launched Android version follows…
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FindIt Launches A Search App for Android


The nifty email- and file-search app, FindIt is now available on the Android platform. The app, already available on iOS, offers an easiest way to find emails and files across the cloud using your device. It’s a wonderful app that currently integrates with the Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox services (support for more cloud-based services is expected to land in the future updates). App world consists of several apps that are specially designed to help you find content in your…
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Gmail for Android Received an Update with Fresh New Look


Gmail for Android has recently received a neat little update that brought a fresh and new look, along with other enhancements to the app. It has also been revealed that the app will now support ads. Yes, the app will be supporting ads now. Ads are most definitely coming to the app which managed to stay as an ad-free version all this time, contrary to its web-based version. Users are allowed to save the ads they find interesting and dismiss…
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UCWeb Updates Its UC Browser for Android Phone and Tablet

UC Browser

The folks behind the well-known mobile browser, UC Browser, have rolled out a significant update for its Android phone and tablet versions to include few cool add-ons. The latest tablet version brings a new incognito browsing mode that lets you toggle between standard mode and incognito mode seamlessly. The update also adds a built-in video player, which offers features like volume control and full-screen support. Furthermore, it also enables users to continue playing videos exactly from the point they have…
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Google Hangouts for Android Now Allows You to See Who’s Signed In


Google has just revealed an update for its Hangouts app for Android. Version 1.2 brings several new features, including a fruitful one that allows you to see who’s online and who’s merely logged in. Firstly, you can now view not just who’s online but you are also able to know who’s currently reachable. The app displays talking status icons besides every contact; Green icons means they are on, while gray icons means they aren’t. It’s so simple to browse your…
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Skype for Android Receives an Update with Additional Language Support


Microsoft has unleashed a new update for its Skype app for Android. The latest version brings few significant features, including enhanced call connection, and support for 14 additional languages. Firstly, the update comes with a new framework for ads. But the ads are not displayed in the main navigation screens of the app still, the team says that they will turn up ‘in a few weeks’ for free users. They have also added that premium users with subscription/credit plans will…
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FIFA 14 is Launched On iOS and Android


Electronic Arts has finally revealed the most authentic FIFA 14 by EA Sports on iOS and Android platforms! This game is sure to appeal football fanatics as they play with real-world fixtures from the best leagues. The game engages the players with 33 top-notch leagues and over 16,000 players. Moreover, any suspension, modification and injury within the team form is beautifully showed in-game. You can build your own team, choose your desired play style, kits and many. You can also…
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Line for iOS and Android Receives an Update with Video Calls


The renowned communication service, Line, has just got a significant update with a slew of new features, including support for video calls. The update is available for both iOS and Android versions. The latest version of Line brings support for video calls, which is now available on all the major platforms, such as iOS, Android and desktop. Users can smoothly toggle between voice and video anytime during the call at their convenience. Both the iOS and Android versions have got…
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