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Uber App Now Enables You to Share Live ETA Map with Your Buddies


The smart private driver app, Uber, has received an update today. The latest version brings a couple of new features and enhancements for both iOS and Android users. The update is mainly focused on the ETA (Estimated Times of Arrival). The current version now enables users to share their ETA with others right from the app, allowing them to know when you will arrive. The app also allows you to send a live map of your location through text message…
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Chirp Launches an Android App


A smart app called Chirp has just landed on Android platform! Chirp has been available on iOS for a year, which simplifies the way users send their files such as notes, links or images to others. In a nutshell, the app converts all your selected files into digital audio and then generates a chirping sound. Your recipient’s Chirp app will listen to the sound and decode the digital data for the user’s convenience. All the content you send and receive…
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Music Maker Jam is Revealed for Android Users

Music Maker Jam

Magix launches its popular music maker app called Music Maker Jam on Android! This app is already available in the Windows 8 Store, which blends music creation with maximum fun. Music Maker Jam is one among the successful music apps available in the Windows Store. This app enables users to create their own smash hits with a lively approach. Once you launch the app, it automatically detects your device and adapts accordingly to provide a better user interface. The app…
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Silent Circle Reveals Silent Text App On Android

Silent Text

The renowned encrypted communications service, Silent Circle has introduced its Silent Text app on Android. This is a text message privacy app, which has been available on iOS since a very long time. This app is accessible by the Silent Circle users only. It brings universal encrypted text messaging along with secure file transfer facility. This is a perceptive and simple-to-use app that allows users to route encrypted text messages, and calls. In addition, it also lets you send encrypted…
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