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Facebook for iOS Gets Support for Status Update Icons in the New Update


Facebook for iOS has just received a minor update that adds a couple of pretty new features. The updated version allows users to quickly and smoothly edit the privacy settings of a post so that the post will only be visible to those you prefer. You can do this by tapping the small downward icon next to the post, which displays an edit privacy option. Then you can choose to have it seen only by your family members, friends or…
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Google Updates Google Play Music with New Features

Google Play Music

If you have already been using Google Play music app, you should get the new modernized version! Google has rolled out an update for Google Play Music Android app, adding new features and enhancements. The updated version provides a rapid music downloads, search quality enhancements and a reduced data usage. The company brings a new setting for the mobile data bandwidth usage, providing users even more control over the app to stream their music. Here’s the complete changelog of the…
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LINE for iOS Receives an Update


Mobile messaging service, LINE has recently been updated to the version 3.7.0. The latest version brings a slew of new themes, in-app browser and support for additional language. The update includes an in-app browser and support for Portuguese, German and Italian languages, spreading the app’s reach to some significant regions in Europe. Other mobile messaging applications like Cubie and Kakao Talk provide excellent sparkling themes to spice up the users experience. Likewise, Line has also added a latest ‘Themes’ sections…
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Evernote Updated Its Android App with New Reminders Feature


The most renowned note-taking service, Evernote updates its native Android app to the version 5.1.1. The new update includes customizable reminders feature that has arrived on iOS, Mac as well as Evernote’s web version 2 weeks ago. The new tool provides the opportunity to add definite deadlines to their notes, eliminating the need for a to-do list, dedicated calendar or any other productivity app. Now the app includes an alarm icon at the top of each note, which users can…
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Hulu Redesigns Its iPad App with a New Look


Hulu has just updated its native Hulu Plus iPad app to the version 3.0. The updated version offers a new User Interface design and plenty of tweaks to the users. Hulu says that the update provides a completely new experience to the Apple tablet users, focusing on the performance and discoverability. The company says “additional to several internal optimizations, this app has been revamped to make browsing experience more enjoyable than before and helps users to find new and interesting…
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Kindle for iOS Receives an Update with Multipage Highlights and Line Spacing


The most popular reading app, Kindle for iOS got more advanced with its new update! Amazon has refurbished its Kindle app for iOS to the version 3.8. This latest version brings plenty of new features including multipage highlights and accessibility enhancements. Line spacing options is the major feature that is added to the app. Users are now allowed to set their page layout in order to view the content in varied formats; tight, normal and loose. You wish to have…
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Byword for iOS and Mac Updated with New Features and Enhancements

iOS Byword

The most amazing writing app, Byword for iOS and Mac has been modernized to the version 2.0. This release brings plenty of new features to both iOS and Mac platforms. The Mac version receives several enhancements in this update. It includes the following new features in this update: Application sandboxing. Ability to copy rich text to the clipboard. Keep scroll position on the Markdown preview. Many bug fixes and enhancements. Whereas, the iOS version receives a lot more features than…
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Google Updates Gmail for iOS with Enhanced Notification Settings and Redesigned Inbox

Gmail for iOS app

If you are a user of Gmail iOS app, you should head to the App Store to grab this new update! Google has recently launched an update for its native Gmail iOS app. This new version brings 2 major updates; new Gmail inbox and enhanced notification settings. The new Gmail inbox has mainly been introduced to provide users more control of their Gmail inbox, according to Google. The update affects Web as well as mobile apps, adding new features to…
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Google Drive for iOS Updated with Image Swiping and Support for Comments

Google Drive app

Now, navigating the image archive and commenting on the collaborative documents is much smoother and simpler with the Google Drive app for iOS! Google has refurbished its Drive iOS app to the version 1.4.0. The updated version provides new features like comment support and swipe through photos functionality. Support for comments allows you to see, create, respond and resolve comments using this app. This feature turns more useful for the users who use their smartphones to share their documents and…
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WordPress for iOS Receives an Update with Completely Redesigned User Interface


WordPress app for iOS has recently been updated to the version 3.6. The update brings a thoroughly modernized User Interface that makes it smoother and faster to blog from your device than before, a simple shortcut to post quickly and easily and several other enhancements. This new update is certain to make WordPress bloggers happy! The updated version supports a multi-pane perspective, which allows users to swipe between to access varied areas of the app, like that of Rdio and…
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