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MTV Launches An Android App


Heads up MTV enthusiasts! MTV has just officially released a new Android app via Play Store, which lets you watch all of your favorite MTV shows directly from your device. The app allows on-demand streaming of latest episodes from chosen series, but it’s only accessible by subscribers of applicable cable providers. The list of the suitable cable companies is utterly long, however it’s lacking few notable ones. In the app’s release notes, the company has reported that they are working…
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Microsoft Launches SkyDrive Pro On iOS and Windows 8 Platforms

SkyDrive Pro windows

Few days back, Microsoft had revealed an app called Office mobile app for Office 365 subscribers on iOS platform. Now the company has again come up with another new treat, SkyDrive Pro. This app is available for both iOS and Windows 8 users. Like the app before, this new app has been tailored for those who use SharePoint Online or Office 365. But users should have a SkyDrive Pro account to access this app. You just have to log in…
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Vodio’s Video Discovery App has Finally Arrived on the Android Platform


Last year, Vodio Labs had released their native video discovery app, Vodio on the iOS platform. The same app has recently been released on the Android platform for the first time! The app merges videos from YouTube channels which users subscribed to, and also news outlets and organizes all of them into channels within the app. The Android version provides similar functionality as the iOS versions. On initial load, the app automatically fill your feeds with content from several news…
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Disney Releases a Drawing and Guessing Game, Scribblemix on iOS and Android Platforms


A new drawing app has landed in the world of apps! Disney Interactive has launched a new mobile game, Scribblemix for iOS and Android users. This is a pictionary-style game. This game is nearly similar to Zynga’s Draw Something. But the only difference is that Scribblemix provides ridiculous phrases and words to players. Because of this feature, it differentiates itself from Draw Something by allowing players choose from a set of possible phrases and words as they aim to guess…
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Microsoft Releases Bing Translator for Windows RT and Windows 8 Users

Bing Translator

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new translation app called Bing Translator on the Windows RT and Windows 8 platforms. This app helps you swiftly translate what are you looking for. Translating the text is pretty straightforward; you just have to type or paste the text you want to translate, then choose the corresponding languages, and you will get your result! It also supports camera translation, which allows the users to capture photos of the text they want to translate…
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