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Couple for iOS and Android Adds Stickers to Spruce Up Your Messages


The social networking app, Couple has just received an update. The latest version gets a slew of new features, including a store to assist in-app purchases. The update is available for both iOS and Android apps. Currently, there’s a high craze for stickers in the tech world. Other social networks like Facebook, Line, and others have added support for stickers to their corresponding messaging services. So to stand the competition and retain users, Couple has also added the support for…
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Skype for Android Redesigned with a New Look


If you have been using Skype on your Android devices, you should download this latest update! Skype for Android has completely been modernized with new design, which functions similar to the Windows Phone 8 version. Now the home screen is splitted into 3 different tabs to provide an easy access to specific contacts, latest conversations and favorites. You can also encounter a remodeled dialog trees which look much cleaner than ever before, with the receiver and sender messages differentiated with…
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LinkedIn for iOS and Android Updated with Enhanced Search Functionality


The smarter social networking app, LinkedIn for iOS and Android has been updated with improved search capabilities to provide much better experience to users. The latest version brings an expanded search functionality to you. Now, besides the ability to search for people, the app also enables you to discover jobs, groups and companies by the special magnifying glass icon available in the navigation section. These are the top requested features according to the LinkedIn blog post. In addition to search…
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Snapchat Launches a New version Snapkidz on iOS


A fastest snap-sharing service, Snapchat has modernized its native iOS app with a new version for kids of age 13 and below. In a blog post, the company said that this app will allow children to fill the signup form, but the user details will not be directed to the Snapchat and no account will be created. Rather, they can use the latest version, Snapkidz which features an interface that supports including captions, capturing images, drawing and storing them onto…
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Shazam and Its Ancillaries Get a New Look


The popular music service, Shazam has refurbished its native iOS apps, bringing them to the version 6.1. The latest version is packed with new features for both iPad and iPhone users. The new version includes a major music discovery tool known as Shazam Pulse. It helps you easily discover new music and see preview from the latest trends. It also allows you to view the most tagged music in real-time. This particular feature is available for both iPhone and iPad…
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Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android Packed with New Features

Dragon Mobile Assistant

The perfect and clever handy virtual assistant, Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android has been updated to the version 4.0. The new version brings hands-free driver technology, email dictation functionality and other new customization options. The latest version helps users focus on the drive and not to their smartdevice. According to the company, now the app will have the ability to detect when the driver is in a moving vehicle, and automatically switches to the hands-free driving mode. The intelligent driver…
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Squrl for iOS Receives an Update with Better Social Features and Improved Recommendations


Squrl, the highly entertaining video app has been updated to the version 3.0. This update brings a new look along with easy viewing and browsing experience. Now the latest version that also works on the Apple TV, provides a new home screen and puts the categories or the content that are most essential on the app’s front page. Now, you will have 9 different options on the home screen, featuring What’s Hot and Featured videos, and also the channels, recommendations…
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Kindle App for Windows RT/8 Gets a Major Update


The popular reading app, Kindle for Windows RT/8 has recently been updated to the version 2.0. The latest version brings pretty new features and a modernized new look to provide much gratifying reading experience to users. This time, the Kindle app has received a major update. Now the new version lets users to search for phrases or any words from within an eBook. This feature should make the app much more accessible for research purposes. The updated version also lets…
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TweetDeck for Mac Receives an Update with a New Look


The renowned Twitter client, TweetDeck for Mac has got an update recently. The update has changed the app’s layout a bit, adding a navigation bar to the left corner of the app to help users to smoothly navigate across columns. Users are also allowed to drag-and-drop to reorganize the columns within the sidebar. Now the newly added sidebar, which was present at the top of the app before, provides the ability to easily access things such as settings, columns and…
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Yahoo! Sports Releases Modernized Versions of Its Sports App for iOS and Android

Yahoo! Sports android app

Yahoo! Sports has released an update for its native iOS and Android Sports app. The most noticeable change in the update is the name change from Sportacular to Yahoo! Sports. The new version is supposed to be a snappier experience compared to its previous version, adding much more content and support for iPad. According to the company, on the iPad, it has mainly focussed on making the app smoother and faster to scan, navigate and consume. This includes adding additional…
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