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Monsters Inc. Run Game Review

Monsters Inc. Run

Creating movie tie-in games has become a trend these days, it appears to be one of the ways to success in the mobile game development. Monsters Inc. Run from Disney is one among such games that is available for iOS and Android users. Monsters Inc. Run is an exciting epic adventure game associated with jumping and running with some of the corresponding movie’s characters. The game features the storyline of the original movie, in which Boo is kidnapped by the…
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Righteous Kill 2 Game Review

Righteous Killer 2

Righteous Kill 2 is a new hidden object game from G5 Entertainment, a sequel to the most popular game called Righteous Kill. This game features the lead character of the original game, Erica, an NYPD detective of the specialized Vigilante Unit. The quest starts when the Erica is sent to investigate a crime scene where a man was murdered in his residence. You play as Erica who must find clues and unleash the mystery behind the murder. While analyzing through…
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Sparkle 2 Game Review

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 is a wonderful marble popping action puzzle game, a sequel to a popular game called Sparkle. Though there are a lot marble shooter games in the app world, this game differentiates itself from other similar games with multifaceted gameplay and gorgeous graphics. Sparkle 2 gameplay is similar to its former version, players need to match 3 similar colored balls and clear all the balls before they reach exit. In this game, a snake like loop with multicolored orbs…
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Madagascar Math Ops Game Review

Madagascar Math Ops

Madagascar Math Ops is a latest entertaining math game created by Knowledge Adventure. If your kids like cartoons, but intensely dislike math, this game can make them excited about learning. This game features plenty of familiar characters from the movies of Madagascar series, including Private, Gloria, Rico, and Marty. A bunch of animals will get kidnapped from the zoo and the penguins should save their kidnapped friends. In order to save their friends, penguins have created a funny device, Equationator…
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Starship Battles Game Review

Starship Battles game app

Starship battles is a wonderful arcade-style shooter game with smooth gameplay and great look. This game sets you in charge of an onslaught ship, which has to see countless enemy invaders. In this game, player’s main objective is to survive an endless attack of alien spaceships and space litter as long as possible. Here, players need to control a starship which can only be swiped through space. As you progress, the enemy waves become larger and deadlier, so upgrading your…
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