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Papa Pear Saga Hits iOS and Android Platforms

Papa Pear Saga

The folks behind the well-liked match-3 puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, have unleashed a new game called Papa Pear Saga on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a casual free-to-play game, which revolves around dropping fruits and vegetables into the barrels below. As aforementioned, the game challenges you to fire ‘Papa Pear’ shots to fruits and vegetables, and drop them into the barrels, while overcoming a maze of obstacles. You need to hit as many objects as you can…
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Shadowrun Returns Finally Lands On iOS and Android Tablets

Shadowrun Returns

The folks at Harebrained Schemes have finally unleashed the most-anticipated tablet versions of the tactical RPG game, Shadowrun Returns on iOS and Android platforms! The new tablet versions follow the footsteps of the original Shadowrun Returns game, which was initially launched on PC last July. But the tablet versions only lack the editor and the access to the community developed content (available in the desktop version). According to the developer, they are in an idea to bundle the finest community…
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A New Hidden Object Adventure, Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Hits iOS Platform

Dark Heritage

Big Fish Games releases a new game called Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope on iOS platform. This is an interesting hidden object adventure that encourages players to summon with a college professor in order to save an island’s residents from a barbarous Madman’s attack. In this game, you come across a madman who destroys the Cannon Rock island and killed many of its residents. Now, you are the only one who can save the remaining residents, stop the madman from…
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New Game, Dodge This! is Released for iOS Users

Dodge This!

Chillingo has just launched a new game called Dodge This! on iOS platform. This is an arcade shooter game where players need to blast away endless waves of enemies. In this game, you need to take the control of a cannon present between you and your foes striving to cross your line of fire. This game challenges you to wipe out more than 30 types of enemy runners, like troopers in the Boot Camp Bridge, buccaneers in Raiding Pirates and…
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A New Game, Link The Slug Lands On iOS and Android

Link The Slug

Bulkypix reveals a new game called Link The Slug for iOS and Android users. This is a puzzle game that resembles ZeptoLab’s renowned game, Pudding Monsters in graphics. This game features a slug-terminating gameplay, which is far different from Pudding Monsters (pudding-integrating gameplay). Players need to wipe out all the slugs to get through each level. Game features: Casual and captivating gameplay. Explore 3 beautiful worlds, and play 75 levels. Smooth and alluring characters. Unique gameplay. Fun, challenging puzzles suitable…
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Little Galaxy Game Review

Little Galaxy

Little Galaxy is an immersive physics-based endless jumping game. In this game, players need to help a little boy to accomplish his dream of jumping through space. A young scientist, our protagonist, had lost in space, help him out to discover his way back to home! Of course, he will never get there as this is an endless game, but the principle is good nonetheless. The game features only one control, just tap on the screen to make him jump….
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Kate and Harry in Africa Hits iOS Platform

Kate and Harry app for ios

The developer of multiplatform games, Very Nice Studio has recently launched a new game called Kate and Harry in Africa on iOS platform. This game is specially designed for preschoolers and toddlers. This is a highly entertaining game that takes your kids to Africa! Kids can have a great fun with this educational board game. This game supports both single and multiplayer game modes. In this game, kids make images of African animals and learn their names, meet the villagers,…
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