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Google Launches Chrome 29 On iOS

Chrome 29

Google has launched a latest version of its Chrome browser for iOS with a slew of noteworthy feature tweaks, which pull it on par with Android version. Firstly, the update brings a faster back button especially when you perform a search. After you click on an unnecessary search query, tapping the back button will automatically divert you to the previous search results. Furthermore, users can now find their data savings within the Bandwidth Management Settings. The update also brings new…
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Adobe Revel for iOS Gets Support for Videos

Adobe Revel

Adobe has modernized its cloud-based service for iOS, Revel, to version 2.1. This latest version brings the most-awaited video support to users. Now the updated version not only syncs photos across your PCs and iDevices, but also syncs videos! The company says that each video clip counts as an asset, so it’s equal to a single picture in terms of your monthly import allocation. There’s an auto-import option within the app. When you tap on the option and select any…
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Zomato for iOS Receives an Update with Modernized Interface


The most popular mobile and online restaurant guide, Zomato, has revamped its iOS version with simpler user interface and new features. As aforementioned, the latest version of Zomato includes a simpler UI, on par with the new modernized web version. Now the homescreen features large swappable photos of the nearby restaurants that guide to their respective listings, along with the options to browse restaurants and search them by feeding appropriate keywords for cuisine, title, dish or location. Now the Browse…
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Reeder 2 Lands On iOS Platform

Reeder 2

Reeder 2, the most-awaited follow-up of the renowned Reeder app, has hit the iOS platform! This app aims at making the Reeder handy for the modern era of RSS readers, keeping one foot in the past with native interface functionality and choices. Now the latest version of the app comes with some new design tweaks. The app still supports syncing the content with different RSS services: Fever, Feedly, Readability, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler. It even supports other local RSS services,…
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Foursum Golf App Lands On iOS

Foursum Golf

Foursum Golf, a new sports app has hit the iOS platform! This app serves as an all-in-one tool for golfers, which enhance play and add a new element of fun to the game.    Foursum Golf enables you to track your scores, achievements and yardages while you connect and engage with your buddies. The app offers the power of high-end GPS Range Finder! This feature calculates and presents you the ideal distance to any point on the golf course. The…
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tadaa 3D for iOS Lets You Create Awe-inspiring 3D-style Photos


The folks behind the tadaa iOS photo app, have unleashed a new standalone app called tadaa 3D. This new app allows users to create magnificent 3D illusions by adding 3D layers to their photos! tadaa 3D provides a 3D editor, with tools letting you mask parts of a photo to create the 3D effect. To get started, capture a photo or pick one from your camera roll. Then the app takes you to the ‘Mask’ mode where you can draw…
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