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A Smart Musical App Monk is Available On Windows Phone Platform


A new musical app called Monk has recently been landed on Windows Phone platform. It’s a brilliant app that allows users to easily get the picture of the inner workings of music. The app has a vast library with a handful of scales and chords for you to explore, and the simple yet interesting UI lets you briskly get an idea of how notes are related inside any chord/scale. Basically, the app enables users to transpose, alter the scales, enjoy…
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Security App Spy Hunter Appears On Windows Phone 8

Spy Hunter

A new security app called Spy Hunter has landed on Windows Phone 8 platform. This app helps you get hold of culprits who try to spy on your device while you’re not around. Once you set the trap, the app captures a series of photos of the person, sounds an alarm and record audio when your devices is unlocked. Interestingly, you will also have the options to instantly save the snaps to SkyDrive and get notified when the app is…
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Microsoft Launches Xbox Video App On Windows Phone 8

Xbox Video

Microsoft has finally unveiled the most-anticipated standalone Xbox Video app for Windows Phone 8 users. This app allows users to browse, stream as well as download their favorite television programmes and movies directly to their device. The app makes it easier to purchase/rent television shows and films, then stream or download them right to your device. watch your favorite movie on the go even in the absence of a reliable internet connection! The service features a deep catalog of TV…
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Simplenote App is Launched On Android


The renowned note-taking app, Simplenote has made its way to Android! This app is already available on iOS, which simplifies the way to keep lists, thoughts, notes and many more, and brings the ability to sync all of them between your devices. Similar to the iOS version, Android version is also a free-to-use app, which allows you to start off without any need to create an account. You can create notes, store them locally on your device before you log…
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