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Google Unveils Its Google Now Cards Platform to the Desktop Chrome Browser

Google Now

Google has officially unleashed its Google Now cards platform to the Chrome stable desktop browser, that is for Mac and Windows. The company has said that starting from today, users with stable version of the Google browser can enjoy the perks of Google Now in Chrome. As aforementioned, this new feature is available for the Desktop running on Windows and Mac. You can turn on this feature by just logging in to the desktop Chrome version with the same account…
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WeChat Lands On Desktop with the Release of a Native Mac Client


WeChat, the acclaimed messaging service that’s aiming to chat up new users around the globe, has rolled out an app for Mac. The new Mac version is easy-to-use – it brings gratifying basic messaging and file transfer options and is available in both English and Chinese languages. To get started, login to the Mac app by just scanning a QR code to sync your mobile version. Once you are in, you will be able to send instant text messages, images,…
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Chrome 34 Beta Brings Unprefixed Web Audio, Hands-Free Voice Search, and Responsive Images

Chrome 34

Google has finally announced the launch of Chrome 34 beta on Mac, Linux, and Windows. This leading-edge version brings a lot of enhancements, including support for responsive images and hands-free Google Voice Search. The latest hands-free Google Voice Search is the most interesting feature in the update. Simply open a fresh tab or go to Google.com via Chrome and then say ‘Ok Google’ and start your search using your voice commands. This specific feature is being unleashed eventually to US…
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Nemo Games Releases Ava’s Quest On iOS and Mac

Ava’s Quest

Nemo Games has launched a new game called Ava’s Quest on the Mac platform. Simultaneously, the company has rolled out a separate yet similar edition for iOS users, exclusively ones with Retina Display. It’s known as Ava’s Quest HD. In the Ava’s Quest (in the Ava’s Quest as well), you take the role of the title character. As a small kid, you loved playing with your cute dolls. However, as you grew up, you learned to make new pals and…
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A New App Cactus Hits Mac


Koen Bok, one of the veterans of the most popular Dutch software company Sofa, has rolled out an app called Cactus for Mac, the elegant open source terminal version. The app was developed in such a way that it should enable users to create and publish beautiful websites seamlessly. The web designers can get back to the hand-coding sites by just building an auto-refreshing local iteration of the site in order to see in their browser as they work on…
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Ember for Mac Receives An Update with Auto-Import Functionality


Realmac software has rolled out a significant update to its digital scrapbook app, Ember for Mac, bringing it to version 1.4.1. The update includes some new features that are already available on iOS. In a nutshell, Ember is an amazing tool that provides a simplified way to capture, organize, and share your screenshots with other people for reference/inspiration purposes. The was first launched on Mac, but later it has been rolled out to iOS, where the app was highly needed,…
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Widely Popular Tomb Raider Game is Now Available On Mac

Tomb Raider

Feral Interactive’s Tomb Raider, the acclaimed action/adventure video game that was unveiled on desktop, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 last year, has finally been rolled out to Mac users today. This game involves a young lady character called Lara Croft who was marooned on an unexplored island and get into a battle for survival armed with nothing but only her intuitions. As a player, you need to help her as she enters on a dangerous journey to save her buddies…
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Google’s New OS Canary 34 is Available for Windows and Mac Users

Google Chrome Canary 34

Google has unleashed a latest version of its Chrome browser, Google Chrome Canary 34 designed for Mac and Windows users. In this version, the major addition is the support for Google Now cards. Google Now is basically a card-based service, which offers a very useful information all over the day; it’s a part of the Google Search app on iOS and Android, and now it is also launched on the desktop. This service is accessed through your Google account, and…
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Auto-Manage Your Photos Captured from An iDevice with MyPhotostream App for Mac


A new app called MyPhotostream has just been released for Mac users. It’s a simple app that helps users to save, manage, and backup photos captured from an iOS device. Once you launch the app, it pulls down all your photos from your Photo Stream and then displays all of them in a nifty, minimalistic interface. From here, you can seamlessly view, share or save your Photo Stream with the help of built-in tools, and on the other hand, Notification…
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Spotify Revamps Its Android and Desktop Apps with A New Look


Spotify has launched an update for its Android and desktop apps, to add a fresh look for Android’s sign up and log in pages, alongside a darker interface for desktop version. According to The Verge, the desktop version for Windows and Mac has received an overhaul with a darker user interface, including larger font across the UI, filtered artwork and rounded graphics. This results in a cleaner and polished look for the app. The panel available on the left-hand side…
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