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Top 10+ Free Texting Apps for iPhone

ITunes app store is one of the largest and also the most popular app stores in the world. The number and categories of apps present on this app store is just mind blowing and so is the easy download facility on iPhones and iPads. The iPhone is surely a great Smartphone to have and is also one of the most user friendly ones but what truly defines it and makes it so useful is the app store inbuilt on it….
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Top 10+ Instant Messaging apps for Android


Instant messaging apps are those kinds of apps which make it possible for us to message someone and receive messages back instantly. With the rise in internet technology on mobile phones, many instant messaging platforms have come up on the Android app store. The following are the top instant messaging apps for Android: Facebook Messenger Facebook messenger is the official messenger app for Facebook users and lets them connect with each other in real time using their mobile devices. This…
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Top 10+ Apps for Xperia M Dual

Camera ZOOM FX Premium Android App

Sony Xperia series is one of the most popular series of mobile phones by the company and consists of some of the most wonderful, stylish looking and feature packed handsets. One of the handsets for which this series is famous is the Xperia M dual.  This is a dual SIM Smartphone which sports a 4 inch TFT display screen which is scratch resistant in nature. Some of the other specs of this phone which make it a good option for…
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WeChat Lands On Desktop with the Release of a Native Mac Client


WeChat, the acclaimed messaging service that’s aiming to chat up new users around the globe, has rolled out an app for Mac. The new Mac version is easy-to-use – it brings gratifying basic messaging and file transfer options and is available in both English and Chinese languages. To get started, login to the Mac app by just scanning a QR code to sync your mobile version. Once you are in, you will be able to send instant text messages, images,…
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