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Chirp Launches an Android App


A smart app called Chirp has just landed on Android platform! Chirp has been available on iOS for a year, which simplifies the way users send their files such as notes, links or images to others. In a nutshell, the app converts all your selected files into digital audio and then generates a chirping sound. Your recipient’s Chirp app will listen to the sound and decode the digital data for the user’s convenience. All the content you send and receive…
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Music Maker Jam is Revealed for Android Users

Music Maker Jam

Magix launches its popular music maker app called Music Maker Jam on Android! This app is already available in the Windows 8 Store, which blends music creation with maximum fun. Music Maker Jam is one among the successful music apps available in the Windows Store. This app enables users to create their own smash hits with a lively approach. Once you launch the app, it automatically detects your device and adapts accordingly to provide a better user interface. The app…
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Simplenote App is Launched On Android


The renowned note-taking app, Simplenote has made its way to Android! This app is already available on iOS, which simplifies the way to keep lists, thoughts, notes and many more, and brings the ability to sync all of them between your devices. Similar to the iOS version, Android version is also a free-to-use app, which allows you to start off without any need to create an account. You can create notes, store them locally on your device before you log…
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Creative Technology Retailer Grand St. Releases an Android App

Grand St

Online tech store Grand St. has launched a new android app by the same name to satiate geeks’ appetite with latest innovations in the hardware platform by the best players in the industry. Usually, customers need an invite to access the service, but this app is open to everyone whoever downloads it on an Android tablet or smartphone, with an unlimited access to the cut-edge technology on store. This app, allows users to browse, find, and purchase things quickly and…
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