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Pandora for iOS Receives an Alarm Clock Mode for Waking You Up to Your Favorite Music


Music fanatics can already drift off to sleep to the sweet music of their desired Pandora radio stations. So why not use the same to wake up, as well? Pandora has just unleashed a revamp to its iOS version with a delightful alarm clock feature that wakes you up to your best-loved tracks. As aforementioned, the recently added alarm clock feature allows users to wake up to their best-loved music. To schedule the alarm, go to menu on the upper-right…
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Zomato for iOS Receives an Update with Modernized Interface


The most popular mobile and online restaurant guide, Zomato, has revamped its iOS version with simpler user interface and new features. As aforementioned, the latest version of Zomato includes a simpler UI, on par with the new modernized web version. Now the homescreen features large swappable photos of the nearby restaurants that guide to their respective listings, along with the options to browse restaurants and search them by feeding appropriate keywords for cuisine, title, dish or location. Now the Browse…
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The To-do List App, Finish 2.0 Brings New Features to iOS Users


The Apple Design Award-winning to-do list app, Finish. for iOS has been modernized to version 2.0. This latest version packs a slew of new, significant features.    Firstly, the update includes a ‘Task-By-Task Time Setting’ feature, which has been the most requested feature by users. This feature helps you set times for your tasks. If you do not set a time for your task, the app will continue to work brilliant as it always has. The update brings another new feature…
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Square for iOS Brings the Ability to Record & Track All Payments


Square has just rolled out an update to its iOS app with new noteworthy features for all of Apple’s mobile devices and also added some iPad-specific enhancements. Now the app allows users to record as well as track ‘all sorts of payments,’ along with gift cards and checks. This feature is available for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users. Square has brought 2 new features specific to iPad. iPad users can now access cash management, allowing them to integrate their…
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