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Google Launches Chrome 29 On iOS

Chrome 29

Google has launched a latest version of its Chrome browser for iOS with a slew of noteworthy feature tweaks, which pull it on par with Android version. Firstly, the update brings a faster back button especially when you perform a search. After you click on an unnecessary search query, tapping the back button will automatically divert you to the previous search results. Furthermore, users can now find their data savings within the Bandwidth Management Settings. The update also brings new…
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Adobe Revel for iOS Gets Support for Videos

Adobe Revel

Adobe has modernized its cloud-based service for iOS, Revel, to version 2.1. This latest version brings the most-awaited video support to users. Now the updated version not only syncs photos across your PCs and iDevices, but also syncs videos! The company says that each video clip counts as an asset, so it’s equal to a single picture in terms of your monthly import allocation. There’s an auto-import option within the app. When you tap on the option and select any…
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Reeder 2 Lands On iOS Platform

Reeder 2

Reeder 2, the most-awaited follow-up of the renowned Reeder app, has hit the iOS platform! This app aims at making the Reeder handy for the modern era of RSS readers, keeping one foot in the past with native interface functionality and choices. Now the latest version of the app comes with some new design tweaks. The app still supports syncing the content with different RSS services: Fever, Feedly, Readability, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler. It even supports other local RSS services,…
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Rove for iOS Brings New Sharing Functionality


The wonderful location diary app for iOS, Rove, has been updated to version 1.1.2. This latest version brings a couple of new features, together with bug fixes. Rove is an amazing app that captures your journeys in a beautiful way, similar to Moves, but centers more on the locations/places than your physical activity. It also lets you add images of your adventures. Now the latest version enables you to share your journeys with your dear ones through a Web page,…
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Roku for Android Now Enables Users to Stream Videos from their Phone to Set-top Box


Following the iOS version update last month, Roku has just unleashed a new update for its Android app. This update brings the Android version on a par with the iOS version. Now the Android users are able to playback any local video via a Roku device to a TV. After you just log in and pair the app with a Roku box, you will encounter a new option to pick ‘videos’ from the ‘play on Roku’ menu option within the…
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LinkedIn for iOS Now Allows Users to Apply for Jobs in Just A Tap


LinkedIn has rolled out a new update for its iOS app, bringing it to version 6.1.2. The update brings a couple of new noteworthy features to users. Now the latest version of the app provides the facility to apply for your desired jobs with just a click using your LinkedIn profile. Simply click on the ‘Apply’ on select jobs, and then your profile is sent as a substitute for your CV/Resume. In addition, the update also adds your top skills…
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GetGlue Update for iOS Brings Overhauled Guide for Movies and TV Shows


The social TV app, GetGlue for iOS, has been refurbished to version 5.0. This latest version offers a completely new user experience with a plethora of new features and enhancements. You can now encounter a new ‘Watch to Watch’ section that allows you to track the content you want to watch and get notified when new seasons/episodes are added, and for new movie releases. There is also another ‘Search & Discover’ section that allows you to browse by genre or…
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Skype for Windows Phone Gets Support for Video Messaging


Skype has rolled out an update for its native Windows Phone app. The update adds the most-awaited video-messaging support to the app. Skype had revealed video messaging support on both iOS and Android earlier this summer. Now, this feature has headed to Windows Phone! WP users can now record and send video messages to their dear ones. To get started, open a chat window and click on the ‘+’ icon, then start recording your message. In addition, the update also…
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ArtRage for iPad Receives an Update with Improved Stylus Support


The iPad drawing app, ArtRage has recently been revamped to version 1.6, which brings the ability to enable/disable Tap and hold color sampling system, upgraded stylus support, along with other significant bug fixes. The latest version gets support for Pogo Connect Stylus as well as Wacom’s new Intuos Creative Stylus, besides the native Adonit Jot Touch. As aforementioned, the update brings the ability to choose to turn on/off the tap and hold color sampling system. By default, this feature is…
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Shazam 6.2.1 Brings New Features to iOS Users


The splendid music discovery platform, Shazam, has introduced an update for its native iOS app. The update includes a couple of enhancements that offers a better user experience. Firstly, when you just tweet a track, all your followers will be able to preview the track right in the Twitter via the brilliant Twitter Card. This feature works similar to how YouTube content can be viewed without having to leave the tweet. Furthermore, the update also introduces a better faster recognition,…
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