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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Lands On iOS

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A great news for GTA fans! Rockstar has unleashed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the latest franchise of the successful game series on iOS. The app is downloadable for $6.99 and will also be launched on Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms soon. This is an awe-inspiring open-world game that’s set in 3 major cities: San Fierro, Las Venturas, Los Santos. The game has been completely redesigned with enhanced visuals. Moreover, the color and lightning palette has also been enhanced….
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LIFTTT for iOS and Android Allows Users to Add Location Triggers to Their IFTTT Recipes


The team behind auto-Foursquare app Uber-Checkin has unleashed a new app called LIFTTT for iOS and Android. LIFTTT (‘L’ stands for location and IFTTT stands for ‘IF This, Then That’) is a smart service that allows users to create custom formulas called as recipes to seamlessly perform basic tasks without their assistance. This online service delights those who enjoy mixing their favorite web apps together. For instance, users can set up IFTTT to upload their device’s photos automatically to Dropbox,…
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Rovio Releases Angry Birds Go On iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

Angry Birds Go

Rovio has finally unveiled the most-awaited Angry Birds Go game on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms. It’s a free-to-play kart-racer game set in the most familiar Angry Birds universe, including adorable feathered friends from the artillery shooter. This game is like Mario Kart. It’s a fast-paced 3D racing game, which features familiar characters, birds and pigs in the rich and colorful 3D world. Initially, you take the role of one of the aggravated birds. As you progress, you…
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Microsoft Releases Socl App On iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Microsoft has just rolled out a companion app for Socl on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Prior to this launch, Socl website was the only outlet to share or post things from your device. For those who are not familiar with Socl service: Socl allows users to create, collect, and share the content right from the visual collages to short animated memes. You can aggregate the content directly on Socl in addition to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook….
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Automatic Journaling App Heyday Hits iOS Platform


Journaling apps are always great to record your sweet memories, but the fact is that most people give up manually feeding entries. Heyday, the recently launched iOS app, eliminates that problem and automatically creates your journal for you. Heyday is something similar to the Rover, which also work smartly and automatically logs the location data. Once you launch the app, it automatically brings all your videos, images and locations together by day. Pictures are shown in grid layouts, and you…
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Collaborative Word Processing App, Quip Lands On Android


Quip, the widely-known mobile word processing app that’s been available on iOS for months, has finally been unveiled on Android. The app lets users to work on collaborative document without any boundaries. The app allows you create a beautiful document on any compatible device, add images and checklists, and then share them with your dear ones. On the other hand, your recipients can edit, add text, and comment on that document, and all the changes they add to it are…
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Gun Zombie 2 Hits The US Apple App Store

Gun Zombie 2

Glue Games has recently released Gun Zombie 2 game in the US Apple App Store. The app, already available on the Canadian App Store for a couple of months, is a fantastic first-person zombie shooter game that offers an intense shooting experience to users. In the app’s release notes, the company explains that after an explosion rocks a city, zombies started to appear and horrified the human race. It’s now your turn to wipe out all of the zombies and…
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Halfbrick Releases Band Stars Game On iOS

Band Stars

Halfbrick has integrated with Six Foot Kid to officially release the game Band Stars on iOS. It’s been available on Google+ and Chrome for a year. This game encourages players to form a band, train up the team members and complete different challenging tasks. Head your way to the top of local, national, and global charts! This game is seems to be similar to Farmville. You will progress through different levels and earn points. The game includes the following features:…
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Misfit Wearables Launches Shine Android App


Misfit Wearables has just released its physical activity tracker app Shine on Android platform, landed a bit ahead of schedule. The app, already available on iOS, doesn’t have feature parity with its iOS counterpart, but still encourages users to sync the app with their Shine, create targets and view visual outlines of their progress. Shine is a smart physical activity monitor that can wirelessly sync with your devices, and the app couples with your Shine activity tracker, allowing you to…
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PDF Pro 2 Lands On iOS

PDF Pro 2

The team behind the popular PDF Pro for iOS, has just released a sequel to the app called PDF Pro 2. This is specifically an iOS 7 polished version of PDF Pro, which includes a new interface that’s in line with the visual of iOS 7. Besides the new interface, the app also sports a bunch of impressive features that can make it a best PDF app. Of course, the app, in a nutshell, a PDF viewer. It allows you…
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