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A New Hidden Object Adventure, Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Hits iOS Platform

Dark Heritage

Big Fish Games releases a new game called Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope on iOS platform. This is an interesting hidden object adventure that encourages players to summon with a college professor in order to save an island’s residents from a barbarous Madman’s attack. In this game, you come across a madman who destroys the Cannon Rock island and killed many of its residents. Now, you are the only one who can save the remaining residents, stop the madman from…
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Campfire Client, Flint is Launched for iOS Users


Flint, the dedicated client for the web-based chat service called Campfire, has hit the iOS platform. Until now, Flint has only been available on Mac. iOS version is a universal app, which has been specially tailored for iOS 7. The app provides fruitful features, including the ones provided by its desktop counterpart. The app allows users to connect to their Campfire sites or accounts, and multiple chat rooms can be opened simultaneously. In addition to user names, avatars of each…
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Disney Infinity: Toy Box Companion App is Launched for iPad Users

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Disney has come up with a new application named Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad users! It serves as a great companion app to the latest Disney Infinity console game. The app encourages users to create their own new worlds with over 50 free items for their miscellaneous characters to explore. The items include decorations, terrain, and track pieces. Initially, you are allowed to access Mr. Incredible character for free of charge. Whereas, you can add more characters to the…
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Mozilla Reveals Firefox 25 Beta On Android

Firefox 25

Mozilla has launched a latest beta version of its Firefox browser for Android, which includes a bunch of new features that pulls it on a par with its desktop counterpart. The new version of the browser brings the mixed content blocking feature for additional security. This feature narrows the mobile browsing security and protects users from bucket brigade attacks on HTTPS pages. The app has also got a new feature called guest browsing mode, which protects the primary user’s bookmarks,…
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Google Launches Chrome 29 On iOS

Chrome 29

Google has launched a latest version of its Chrome browser for iOS with a slew of noteworthy feature tweaks, which pull it on par with Android version. Firstly, the update brings a faster back button especially when you perform a search. After you click on an unnecessary search query, tapping the back button will automatically divert you to the previous search results. Furthermore, users can now find their data savings within the Bandwidth Management Settings. The update also brings new…
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Zomato for iOS Receives an Update with Modernized Interface


The most popular mobile and online restaurant guide, Zomato, has revamped its iOS version with simpler user interface and new features. As aforementioned, the latest version of Zomato includes a simpler UI, on par with the new modernized web version. Now the homescreen features large swappable photos of the nearby restaurants that guide to their respective listings, along with the options to browse restaurants and search them by feeding appropriate keywords for cuisine, title, dish or location. Now the Browse…
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Silent Circle Reveals Silent Text App On Android

Silent Text

The renowned encrypted communications service, Silent Circle has introduced its Silent Text app on Android. This is a text message privacy app, which has been available on iOS since a very long time. This app is accessible by the Silent Circle users only. It brings universal encrypted text messaging along with secure file transfer facility. This is a perceptive and simple-to-use app that allows users to route encrypted text messages, and calls. In addition, it also lets you send encrypted…
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SmugFolio is Now SmugMug for Android


SmugMug, the well-known picture-sharing service has bought the SmugFolio and simultaneously hired the developer of SmartFolio. The new acquisition has been revamped for Android platform and renamed SmugMug. This is not the first mobile version from the SmugMug. Last year, it has released an app called Camera Awesome on the iOS platform which has over 13 million downloads. This app was mainly developed to help users to capture photos while the SmugMug for Android is customized towards displaying the photos,…
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Go Launcher Dev Team Launches Next Browser for Android Users

Next Browser

Go Launcher Dev Team, the most popular developer of customization-friendly apps is bringing a new browser, Next Browser to the Android platform! This is a free browser, which provides a faster and smoother browsing experience to the users. This app has got a neat and classy look like that of other apps from the Go Dev team. It borrows different ideas from other major Android browsers and combines them together. This browser is fast and stable with good enough customization…
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