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Pacific Rim Game Review

Pacific Rim

Based on the latest science fiction movie, Pacific Rim, Reliance Games has released a game by the same name for iOS and Android users. This is an all-new action game that features exciting robots vs monster action sequences. This game is similar to the widely-known Infinity Blade game, with fights involving blocking, swiping and dodging. You take the control of a powerful robot and involved in the immerse action sequence. Your goal is to battle against the evil monsters and…
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Disney Releases a Drawing and Guessing Game, Scribblemix on iOS and Android Platforms


A new drawing app has landed in the world of apps! Disney Interactive has launched a new mobile game, Scribblemix for iOS and Android users. This is a pictionary-style game. This game is nearly similar to Zynga‚Äôs Draw Something. But the only difference is that Scribblemix provides ridiculous phrases and words to players. Because of this feature, it differentiates itself from Draw Something by allowing players choose from a set of possible phrases and words as they aim to guess…
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