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RunBot Game Review


RunBot is a riveting endless-runner game from Bravo Game Studios. This game delights those who love to play a good arcade challenge. In this game you play as the protagonist, the artificially intelligent robot who has managed to go against its protocol and run for freedom. It’s not that easy. You will have countless obstacles on your way. Using simple gesture controls, you need to dodge obstacles and enemies. Just swipe up to jump over barriers, and swipe down to…
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Greedy Dwarf Game Review

Greedy Dwarf

Greedy Dwarf is a new game from Crescent Moon Games! This is an action/arcade game that is like an endless runner, but it actually ends! In this game, you need to control a greedy dwarf who wants to grab some freaking gold. Hop in your speedy mine cart and roll through exciting underground tunnels filled with abundant treasure, and few rocket powerups. This is not that simple, you will have dangerous hazards all along your way, like lava pits, jump…
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Kate and Harry in Africa Hits iOS Platform

Kate and Harry app for ios

The developer of multiplatform games, Very Nice Studio has recently launched a new game called Kate and Harry in Africa on iOS platform. This game is specially designed for preschoolers and toddlers. This is a highly entertaining game that takes your kids to Africa! Kids can have a great fun with this educational board game. This game supports both single and multiplayer game modes. In this game, kids make images of African animals and learn their names, meet the villagers,…
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A New Shooter Game, Moscow Dash is Available for iOS Users

Moscow Dash

Star Computers Trading, LLP releases a new shooter game called Moscow Dash for iOS users! This game takes you to an exciting underground world to defeat dreadful mutants and wild brutes. Enter the Moscow’s underground world and battle your way while completing a hazardous delivery in the game! Hidden terrors have revolutionized the city’s inhabitants into monsters. Players should fight as a fearless envoy and need to survive by battling their way in the metropolis’ streets, underground and subways while…
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Despicable Me Game Review

Despicable Me

The wonderful game developer, Gameloft has recently released a new game called Despicable Me on both the iOS and Android platforms! This is a 3D endless runner game that’s well polished and charming. This game mainly involves minions, taken from the animated Despicable Me movie series. Minions that are lemon-yellow in color and pill-shaped animated creatures are a faithful servants of Gru, the bad guy. Though Gru may be a bad guy, he is not a kind of insensitive boss….
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Man of Steel Game Releases for iOS and Android Users

Man of Steel

A new, exciting game has arrived on both the iOS and Android platforms! Warner Bros has recently released a superman game, Man of Steel based on the recent Hollywood movie of the same name. This game provides a wonderful mobile gaming experience that features the same storyline as the new movie through Story mode. This is a 3rd person action-packed game where players need to attack their foes one at a time. Once you are done with an enemy, you…
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Lucid Games Launches Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery On iOS Platform

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

Lucid Games has released a new puzzle adventure game, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 on the iOS platform. This game takes you to an interesting adventure world with many challenging puzzles to play. In this game, you play as the protagonist, Jacob who is a little scamp with a curious spirit on his adventures at the Eagle Feather camp. Enter into the mysterious world and explore what’s lurking in the dark by solving different puzzles and…
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A New Action-puzzle Game, Bombcats is Available for iOS Users


Chillingo, the developers of the Super Crossfire game, has recently released another game, Bombcats to the iOS platform. This is an interesting action-puzzle game with exploding cats. This game combines cats and explosions. This is a trajectory-based game where players need to throw explosive cats at other cats who have been trapped in the magical cages. Blow up the cats in the perfect place and that will liberate the trapped cats. Along with the explosive elements, you will also have…
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A New Game, Redline Rush Hits iOS Platform

Redline Rush

A new exciting game has been released for iOS users! Dogbyte Games has launched a mind-blowing racing game, Redline Rush to the iOS platform. This game combines cops evading and treasure collecting elements to absorb the players completely. This amazing combination infuses surprises, fun and anxiety into the game, making it an exciting racing game ever. This game features several different attractive sports cars for you! Select your desired car and get into the challenge. You encounter several barriers, hunting…
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