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A New Hidden Object Adventure, Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Hits iOS Platform

Dark Heritage

Big Fish Games releases a new game called Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope on iOS platform. This is an interesting hidden object adventure that encourages players to summon with a college professor in order to save an island’s residents from a barbarous Madman’s attack. In this game, you come across a madman who destroys the Cannon Rock island and killed many of its residents. Now, you are the only one who can save the remaining residents, stop the madman from…
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A new Racing Game, Sidekick Cycle Released On iOS

Sidekick Cycle

Global Gaming Initiative (GGI) releases an exciting downhill racer game called Sidekick Cycle for iOS users! It’s a one-touch biking game that encourages players to reach high speeds, to perform tricks and jumps, and to complete circuits as early as possible. Sidekick is the first creative project from the company, which was developed with a purpose. The company diverts 50% of the money obtained from sales and in-app purchases to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). While the WBR utilizes the money…
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Codename Cygnus Game Hits iOS Platform

Codename Cygnus

A new interesting game app called Codename Cygnus has arrived on Apple App Store! This app offers an exclusive form of entertainment, allowing users to engage themselves within an ‘interactive radio drama.’ The team behind the app explains that the app was developed based on the golden-age of radio serial dramas, ranging from 1930s to 1960s. After gamers plug in their earphones, they can listen to a spy-based drama, and may tell their decision to the app in real-time. As…
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A New Game, Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at War is Available for iPad Users

Ballad of Solar

The popular game developer, Alawar Entertainment, has just launched a new game called Ballad of Solar for iPad users. This is a kind of tower offense epic game with an immerse gameplay. This game involves a Lumiland which is under the Dark Sorcerer’s evil forces. Here the player’s goal is to battle against them and save the land from the deadly evil forces. Choose a powerful hero from 3 mighty heroes to start off your game. Then get into the…
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Despicable Me Game Review

Despicable Me

The wonderful game developer, Gameloft has recently released a new game called Despicable Me on both the iOS and Android platforms! This is a 3D endless runner game that’s well polished and charming. This game mainly involves minions, taken from the animated Despicable Me movie series. Minions that are lemon-yellow in color and pill-shaped animated creatures are a faithful servants of Gru, the bad guy. Though Gru may be a bad guy, he is not a kind of insensitive boss….
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