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Yahoo Unleashes a New Screen App for iOS Users

Yahoo Screen

Recently, Yahoo has revealed a new video-streaming app named Yahoo! Screen on iOS. This app enables users to flip through the Yahoo’s curated video service. The app provides the ability to browse through very popular content and search for shows. You can toggle between channels by just swiping down/up, similar to the standard TV-like remote control experience. You can also toggle between episodes/seasons for the shows you are currently watching by swiping right/left. Videos are presented in a slightly futile grid…
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Lytro launches an iOS app and Activates Its Camera’s Inactive WiFi Chip


Earlier, sharing snaps from a Lytro Light Field camera required users to sync the company’s desktop software with their computer. This is no longer required for iOS users! The company has launched an iOS app to help users to quickly upload and share their snaps on the go.   This new app can integrate with your Lytro camera, and makes it possible to share your Lytro photos on the go. But for this, users have to rejuvenate their camera with…
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A New Photography App, Notography Releases for iOS Users


Photography post processing is good, but if you simply want to share your creations at a faster and better rate, Notography is here for you! Notography, a new photo app has just launched on the iOS platform. This app helps the users to make amazing photos with minimal work to get the results. This app lets the users to develop the detailed presets for dynamic or static filters, text and many more. Switching the presets is very simple and rapid…
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