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Tamagotchi-Like Virtual Pet App, Hatch Lands On iOS


The folks behind the to-do list app Clear, have released a new virtual pet app called Hatch on iOS. The app was supposed to be released early this year, but it was not. Since then the app has become a one of the most-awaited iOS releases in the recent memory. It’s a Tamagotchi-like app and highly entertains those who love playing pet games; The game is set in a cartoon forest where you need to take care of a cute…
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CBS is Bringing Its Streaming App to Android and Windows 8


CBS is expanding its reach. The company is releasing its TV streaming app on both Android and Windows 8 platforms, allowing US people to view full-length episodes of network shows such as Crime Scene Investigation, and Star Trek. Some of the programs will be added within 24 hours after broadcasting, while some will be available 8 days after broadcast. The app was released on iOS in the month of March and acquired 4 million downloads across iPhone, iPod touch and…
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