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FIFA Reveals Official iOS and Android Apps


FIFA has unleashed official mobile apps on the widely-popular mobile operating systems; iOS and Android. Both apps are available for free. This is an absolute football app that covers a wide-range of competitions from around the globe (international as well as domestic tournaments). It features news, scores, exclusive videos and images, and many from the game. The company says that users would be able to watch the Final Draw live in Brazil, which has been scheduled on 6th December. The…
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Virgin TV Anywhere Lands On Android

Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin Media has finally unveiled its TV Anywhere service for Android users. The app, already available on iOS for more than a year, is a cloud-based service that lets users to watch live TV over cellular data/WiFi network. Besides watching live TV, you are also allowed to manage your recordings on the go, and browse, search, find and share the content you are currently watching as well. To make changes, the company has added additional 9 channels to its mix….
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A New Photo App, Lonenote Hits iOS Platform


A new photo app called Lonenote has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. This app is primarily aimed at those who wish to express their moments alone in a private space, which is not connected to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other photo apps, Lonenote is not linked to other social networking sites and doesn’t use Twitter-like following mechanism to keep up with others. Instead, it allows you to share your notes anonymously. After you capture…
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Microsoft Releases Office 365 Admin On Windows Phone

Office 365 Admin

Microsoft has unveiled a new app called Office 365 Admin on Windows Phone platform, and assured to roll out iOS as well as Android versions soon. Now, it’s a breeze for Windows Phone users to analyze the status of their Office 365 services with this app. The app allows users to connect to their Office 365 status on the go and lets them to check out service health information and maintenance status updates. Moreover, users can also refine the required…
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Tamagotchi-Like Virtual Pet App, Hatch Lands On iOS


The folks behind the to-do list app Clear, have released a new virtual pet app called Hatch on iOS. The app was supposed to be released early this year, but it was not. Since then the app has become a one of the most-awaited iOS releases in the recent memory. It’s a Tamagotchi-like app and highly entertains those who love playing pet games; The game is set in a cartoon forest where you need to take care of a cute…
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GT Racing 2 Lands On iOS and Android

GT Racing 2

Gameloft, the company known for its host of game apps, has rolled out a sequel to their GT Racing game called GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience on iOS and Android. This game definitely won’t disappoint those who prefer simulation racing. After several years of launching the original GT Racing, the company has rolled out a sequel to that game, GT Racing 2. This latest iteration packs new cars, visuals, and tracks. This game is free-to-download and brings 13…
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Sony Releases PlayStation App On iOS and Android


Sony has unleashed a smart PlayStation app on both iOS and Android platforms. This app allows users to connect their device with PlayStation 4, which will roll in later this week. This app allows users to manage the PlayStation Network right from their device. Even if your PlayStation is far afield from you, you will be able to compare your game progress and check out what your buddies are on, view profiles, chat with your dear ones, get key notifications,…
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Video Collaborative Service, JumpCam Lands On Android


The nifty video collaborative service, JumpCam has released its very first Android version today! JumpCam, the app which is already available on iOS, allows users to create videos and ask videos from their buddies to collate a well-rounded collection of any particular event. The app allows family and friends to compose videos together. Everyone in the group can be able to donate a clip to the final video. Users can make up a movie with up to 30 individual clips…
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Bubbli for iOS Allows You Create Dynamic Photospheres


Aria Glassworks releases a new iOS app called Bubbli. This brilliant app allows users to create and share splendid 360° photospheres.    Android has added a smart photoSphere camera feature since v4.2 (Jelly Bean) was launched last year, but iOS users were having only less-polished solutions such as Microsoft’s Photosynth. The app allows users to create 360° pictures as one whole flawless environment called as Bubbles. Capturing a bubble is as easy as a pie. Once you capture a scene,…
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