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Evernote for Android Brings Support for Handwritten Notes


Sometimes there’s no other finer way to capture an idea than to jot down or delineate it. Whether an equation from your class, a graph from an important meeting, or even an inspiration while you are traveling, handwriting can be the best way to express what you are seeing or thinking. Thanks to the latest version of Evernote for Android, which brings support for ‘Handwriting’. There’s no need of a paper and a pen, you can now take out your…
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OneNote App for Windows Gets Support for OCR, Camera Scanning and Many


Microsoft has just launched a big update to its adorable OneNote app for Windows. The revamped app comes with a plethora of new features, enhancements have been particularly made to the app’s ability to discover, capture and display notes. Firstly, the app now supports Windows 8.1 Share Charm. When you are viewing something on your screen that you want to save it for accessing later, you can just capture that and then select the app and send it over. Simple!…
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Whitespace for iOS Brings Restore & Backup Functionality


The free note-taking app for iOS, Whitespace, has got its first major update today. Now the revamped version is 100% compatible with the Apple’s latest OS. However, it doesn’t bring any iOS 7-inspired design as it is already iOS 7-inspired to begin with, with its neat and flat interface. The update brings support for passcode lock, allowing users to protect their notes from unnecessary access. Moreover, you will also have the ability to remove attachments with a long-press and change…
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Write for iPhone Redesigned for iOS 7


Write for iPhone, the smooth writing and note-taking app, has been modernized. Version 2.0. brings a completely overhauled interface for iOS 7, together with several new features and improvements. The app has been completely revamped to take the advantage of the latest technologies in the iOS. Each and every element has been rebuilt to feel right at home with Apple’s latest OS. Moreover, the icon has also been polished and refined. The update brings a couple of new themes to…
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Simplenote App is Launched On Android


The renowned note-taking app, Simplenote has made its way to Android! This app is already available on iOS, which simplifies the way to keep lists, thoughts, notes and many more, and brings the ability to sync all of them between your devices. Similar to the iOS version, Android version is also a free-to-use app, which allows you to start off without any need to create an account. You can create notes, store them locally on your device before you log…
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Google Keep for Android Enables You to Set Reminders for Certain Locations and Times

Google Keep

Google has modernized its popular note-taking Keep app, adding a slew of new remarkable features. Now the app includes a new ‘Remind me’ button, which enables users to set reminders for certain locations and times. It associates with Google Now to remind you of your necessary tasks at correct place and time. For instance, if you are in a grocery store (and tagged a list of items with the store’s location), you will receive a Google Now alert to remind…
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