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Microsoft Releases Office 365 Admin On Windows Phone

Office 365 Admin

Microsoft has unveiled a new app called Office 365 Admin on Windows Phone platform, and assured to roll out iOS as well as Android versions soon. Now, it’s a breeze for Windows Phone users to analyze the status of their Office 365 services with this app. The app allows users to connect to their Office 365 status on the go and lets them to check out service health information and maintenance status updates. Moreover, users can also refine the required…
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SkyDrive Pro v1.1 Hits iOS Platform

SkyDrive Pro

Microsoft has rolled out a new version of its SkyDrive Pro iOS app, bringing mobile editing support. Microsoft has released the SkyDrive Pro app on iOS back in June, which only allowed business users to access and view their files/documents stored in SharePoint Online. But now, iOS users have scored access to mobile editing. All your edited content will remain in the native source location on the SharePoint Online in Office 365. In other words, you can now smoothly edit…
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Microsoft Launches Office 365 App on iOS Platform

Office 365

At last, the highly anticipated app, Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers lands on the iOS platform! This new iOS app includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All the 3 provides nearly similar editing experience as that of the Windows Phone MS Office Mobile version. But the only difference is that the Windows Phone version is a charge free app, whereas the iOS version requires users to sign up to the Office 365 subscription. This app lets users to…
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