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Top 50 Free iPhone Virtual Pet Apps

This list is useful for all the pet lovers across the world as they will find pet-themed applications, games and entertainment apps geared to pet lovers. The pet gaming apps comes with top quality graphics, sounds and animations with tons of exciting features. Check out these best virtual pet apps for your iPhone and iPad. My Horse My Horse, this app was developed by NaturalMotion. Live the dream to own and look after a real horse, and share your experience…
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Top 20 Pet Apps for Android

The process of getting a pet home is really simple and easy, but it’s important that we know how to take care of our pets. These apps help you take good care of your pet animals and they also help you in training them. Here are few interesting apps for you and your precious pets. DoggyDatez This app helps you locate other dogs for your pet. It’s really useful when you take your pet out for a walk in the…
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Top 10 Pet Apps for iPhone

Everybody likes to have a pet at their place. The reason we like to have pets is because we like to play with it and we tend to have some sort of a connection with these cute little creatures. Today we are going to see all kinds of apps related to pets. From the virtual pets apps to the actual apps that will be helpful to people who have pets. My Horse This is a virtual pet app. My horse…
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