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Top 20 Pet Apps for Android

The process of getting a pet home is really simple and easy, but it’s important that we know how to take care of our pets. These apps help you take good care of your pet animals and they also help you in training them. Here are few interesting apps for you and your precious pets. DoggyDatez This app helps you locate other dogs for your pet. It’s really useful when you take your pet out for a walk in the…
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Top 10 Pet Apps for iPhone

Everybody likes to have a pet at their place. The reason we like to have pets is because we like to play with it and we tend to have some sort of a connection with these cute little creatures. Today we are going to see all kinds of apps related to pets. From the virtual pets apps to the actual apps that will be helpful to people who have pets. My Horse This is a virtual pet app. My horse…
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Hatchi 6.3 for iOS Brings New Mystery Box, Notification Support and Many


The most popular retro-looking iOS app, Hatchi has just received an update. The latest version is packed with several new features, including mystery box. For those who are not familiar with the app: this app provides a virtual pet experience, similar to 1990s Tamagotchi toys. Users need to take care of this pet as he grows and matures, before releasing him into the wild. Not only taking care of him, you will also have several impressive mini games to play!…
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